Subconscious mind programming

Subconscious mind programming

I am glad you want to reprogram your mind now

“Whatever goal you give to the subconscious mind, it will work night and day to achieve “ a quote by Jack Canfield

“Meditation is  a means for you to move beyond analytical mind, so you can access your subconscious mind” a quote by Joe Dispenza

So many sayings and quotes on subconscious mind written by humans but why so much focus on subconscious mind? Why do we need to know about it? What is the importance of the subconscious mind in life?

Before answering all these questions first of all let’s see the magical facts on Subconscious mind

“Subconscious mind is 30000 times more powerful than the conscious mind”

“95% of human life is created by their subconscious mind”

“Subconscious mind is a reservoir of Godly feelings responsible for discovering deepest passion, relaxing, wisdom, awaking inner genius”

OMG, enough of the Subconscious mind please unfold the mystery by answering this question “What is a Subconscious mind?”

The subconscious mind is a database of everything, which is not in a conscious mind. It is the main store that stores beliefs, previous experiences, memories, and skills which are seen, done, or thought of it. It is the guidance system. It delivers what you want. Its job is to protect you, help you fit in the way you think, feel, and operate. Creator of your present situation.

I see a big question mark on your face. Confused between the conscious and subconscious mind and struggling to find an answer which to follow or activate. Do not worry just read my below Conscious mind v/s Subconscious mind content to get clarity.

Conscious mind

Inspire you to become part of the unknown human materialistic race

Supplier of negativity and foolish ideas

Almighty Creator of stress and limiting belief

Subconscious mind

Inspire you to relax and provide assistance in discovering the vision and goals of life

The reservoir of positivity and wisdom

Encourage decision-making skills without stress and expands mental capabilities

So now everyone knows and aspire to enhance their subconscious mind so you are on the right track and I am here to help by my unique program named “Subconscious mind programming”


What do I do? or what to expect from the program?

The program is sectioned into 3 phases.

Phase 1: Studying

I will study your habits and patterns. While studying I analyze your successful situations and limitations which has a deep impact on your life.

Phase 2: DD = Data formation and Discovery

In this phase, I basically compile the analyzed records of your situations to form a database about you and will figure out your unique subconscious neuron chain.

Phase 3: Activation

The discovered subconscious neuron chain would be activated and it would undergo addition, deletion, replacement, and modification of neuron chain accordingly.

How do we do it?

  • Assisting you to discover your subconscious patterns and habits.
  • Making your new subconscious pattern and chain with the help of my various tools.
  • Setting your new neuron chain in a system.
  • NLP or trance methods are used to set a system and any method can be practiced.
  • The practice is done through live classes, discussions, and by practicing the given practical exercises.

This is a comprehensive program to change your unique mind and behavior patterns. Practice and see results.

Let's get started!