NLP VI Rephrasing


As humans, we feel countless emotions and feelings a day. It’s beautiful how feelings connect people with each other. But just like every scientific theories, feelings and emotions are connected to our minds. We behave in a certain way because of how we feel.

We all can relate to sad and disheartening situations where we might feel depressed or frustrated. These kinds of feelings are emotionally tiring. Though, the hard feelings are important for a person to experience life, it’s not always important to feel sad, anxious or depressed. Your mind process data according to how you want it to. If you feel bad about a particular situation, your mind would process everything related to it as sad.

So, it all depends on how you feel about different things. Rephrasing is the technique of modifying your unwanted feelings with the desirable feelings. Speaking more generally about this, if you do not wish to feel the way you do about a particular situation, this course will teach you how to change that feeling into a better emotion. This course will prove beneficial in every aspect of your life, and will also help you to live every day being full of life.

About the course:

The meaning of every event depends on how we perceive it, if we change the way we perceive this detail, the whole meaning of the event would change. This course will teach you various ways in which you can change the perceived information according to how you want to.

This course is divided into 3 modules. Each module is designed to enable you to work on your mind and transform your emotions. These modules are as follows:

  1. Module 1: Different forms of Rephrasing


Rephrasing is generally split into 2 categories. While one category focuses on how you can change the meaning of an event by changing your perception about it, other says that every situation beholds something positive. In both of these categories, you will be taught:


  • How to change your perception about a situation?
  • How to perceive different events in different way?
  • How to look for positive instances in every event?
  • How to form a positive attitude?


  1. Module 2: Beliefs modulation


You can have whole different concept of beliefs in your mind that determines how you see the outside world. By understanding your beliefs, you will be taught how to modulate them or convert them into something beautiful and full of meaning. In this module, I will cover:


  • What are your beliefs?
  • How to change beliefs?
  • Gaining positive outcome out of your beliefs
  • How positive beliefs change the perspective of life?


  1. Module 3: Mind lines and patterns


In this module, I will target your logical thinking, meaning of the outside world to you and concept of time and consequences. You will be taught how to map all these details according to you and process these general data accordingly to change the meaning of instances for you.


  • Understanding how your brain process data.
  • Your behavior to the outside world
  • Effective ways for generating positive intention.
  • Changing your time phrase.
  • Shifting attention from negative behavior.
  • Testing your stability and logic.

Benefits of this course:

Rephrasing course will help you to achieve better in life and stay positive. Staying positive not only help in overcoming problems but also help to find answers to all your questions. This course will prove beneficial for you in following ways:

  • To have a positive outlook of situations.
  • Finding solution of any problem.
  • Understanding and changing your perceptions.
  • Changing your beliefs.
  • Stay positive.
  • Achieve greater things in life.
  • Emotional and mental stability.
  • Achieve more logical thinking.