NLP - III Studying Language Patterns

Communication is the ultimate reason that animals are alive. Every animal talk to each other in their own language. For us humans, that language is words. We speak to each other and convey our messages in forms of words. But can we communicate without words? What if we humans have never figured out that we can speak words?

For direct communication, we talk, speak, chat and shout in forms of words but when we do not speak words we are also communicating. Our body language, energy, eye movements and every possible part of our body is communicating in it’s own way. The main aim of communication is influencing other people. While you commonly influence others’ decisions every now and then, you cannot hope to influence your own decisions and behavior. Milton model is a set of language patterns used to help you to make desirable changes in your decisions and problems.

This course is designed to teach you how to take control of your unconscious mind and influence all communication challenges. These include persuasion, stress management, rapport building, breaking a state, and what not.

About the course:

Your unconscious mind is believed to have stored all the greatest knowledge of the world. It is a power house of positivity and indirectly influences your behavior. Through this course, I will help you to discover the greatness stored in your unconscious mind and how you can practically use this knowledge to change the way you act and behave.

The course is divided into 3 modules. These entire 3 modules will cover different aspects to change your behavior according to the way you want.

  • Module 1: Rapport Building

This module will help you to achieve better communication skills and responsiveness. Through this module, you will be taught how matching body language, posture, breathing, and voice tonality with others can change the way people think about you.

  • Module 2: Gaining conscious attention

The second Module of the will focus on your non-verbal communication skills. It will not only introduce you to understand other people body language but will also teach you how read other people’s mind.

Once you learn to match your physical sense and energy with other people in module 1, this module will help you to read what the person in front of you is thinking by reading and understanding their non-verbal signs of communication.

  • Module 3: Indirect communication

Everyone has believed that there is a reason for all the activities you do, including your behavior and the words you speak. While you are doing what you think is right, your unconscious mind knows better.

By unlocking your unconscious mind, you will be taught in this module how to take control of your negative thoughts and persuade your unwanted feelings. This module will help you to move to your higher thinking levels and deeper states of your mind.

Benefits of this course:

This course will enable you control your unconscious mind and understand your own behavior patterns. With the help of this course, you will be able to:

  • Persuade your mind
  • Delete negative thoughts
  • Read mind of others
  • Influence other people’s behavior
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Build rapport
  • Change your bad habits and old behavior