Neuro Linguistic Programming- Basic


We, humans, practice many activities and habits on a daily basis. Our regular activities practicing builds up as an individual’s character. You need to understand the human character is the most important factor which decides how an individual’s life would be. So you will have questions like what is character? Why an individual’s character is of much importance? Let’s dive deep in us to fetch the answers. Character is the set of values, principles, and practices we follow on a daily basis to live our life. You need to understand the character is nothing but it is the soul of our body.   History and present nourish us with infinite examples signifying the importance of an individual’s characters. We have seen in the past a good individual character human using his nonviolent techniques sets freedom for a huge nation where contrasting to this an ill character individual sets up world war in human society. Since the beginning of life a lot of emphases is strained on building character and one such important tool in its development is “NLP”. So first we need to understand “NLP”. NLP means Neuro-linguistic programming basically psychotherapy to enhance communication and personal development. A good character relies heavily on personal or self-realization of self’s soul. So NLP is a process that helps to enlighten self and unlock or free ourselves from all forms of ignorances.  So join my NLP course to understand the true essence of life.


How I do ?

NLP depends on 3 modules termed N C S.

Module 1: NLP Model

NLP model comprises of 3 major components Subjectivity, Consciousness, and Learning.

  • Subjectivity
  • Subjectivity is basically a collection of subjective conscious experiences of senses like vision, audition, tactician, olfaction, and gestation. In practical life to carry any activity successfully you have see, hear, feel, taste or smell depending on activity. I personally work on all these factors to energize your life with positivity.


  • Consciousness is classified into two types (i) Conscious activities and (ii) Unconscious activities. Those activities which happen with individual awareness are termed as conscious activities and those which happens without an individual’s awareness is termed as unconscious activities and the unconscious mind is responsible for these acts. Additionally, unconscious mind programming is most important factor which helps to discover self in life and I assist you to reprogram your unconscious mind.


  • Learning

 In this part I help you to learn to code your activities of senses and make you the master of self-controlling senses which are integral components of a healthy life.


Module 2: Cultivation

  • In this module, I identify your behavior patterns, body language, and goals and would cultivate positive senses in you by coding these three attributes to perfection for optimum living. Here I use my methodology to enhance your representational system. This representational system is responsible for coding and decoding things in your mind naturally.

Module 3: Subconscious mind programming

  • The subconscious mind is a database of everything, which is not in a conscious mind. It is the main store that stores beliefs, previous experiences, memories, and skills which are seen, done or thought of it. It is the guidance system. It delivers what you want. Its job is to protect you, help you fit in the way you think, feel, and operate. I help to manage and code your subconscious mind to the max for optimum living.

Additional to all of these modules knowledge of Rapport building by the sensory system would be provided to you as a bonus which helps in building a relationship with anyone you want condition only if you practice well the whole course thoroughly with me.

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