Live happy and easy!


I am glad you have taken first step to create your happiness

Live happy and easy the title itself is a hot topic for debate.  Sarcastic isn’t it?  The human mind already passed judgment on “Live happy and easy” as a claptrap. Wait why a smile of disbelief on your face? Oh! Right from childhood, you are programmed to believe happiness is a fruit harvested after overcoming difficulties. So happy and easy seems like north and south direction and tells both cannot merge or attained together. So your conscious mind takes the side of orthodox mentality, then wait a minute I oppose such mentality as a firm believer of live happy with ease. In reality, we all are thirsty for happiness and have accepted the myth that it depends on life’s situation and circumstances. If you are a believer in this ideology then my friend you are in the wrong direction. Let me reveal some amazing facts about happiness.“Only a small portion, 10% happiness depends on the human situation and rest 90% on YOU”.

“Happiness is not a possesion to aquire, Its a state of mind, heart, body and being in soul” -                                                                                                                                                  Anuppma

Firmly scientific research highlights that more than half of happiness depends on things that are actually under our control. So you might be a millionaire yet would be deprived of happiness contradicting to it even the smallest technician may live happy and easy. So what is the most influential factor or component or ingredient to attain happiness at ease? The answer to this question is “YOU”. Imagine happiness at ease as one huge organization than its key 4 functional departments would be the mindset, thoughts, emotions, practice. So a natural question out of our eagerness why happiness at ease? The answer would be “Profit”. Now how come simply profit. The profit is how you define your profit? Its money, success, relationship, career, philanthropy, spirituality or possibly anything in your terminology. Let me explain to you. A happier individual is master in achieving wants, success, goals, lives longer, excellent learner, and maverick in the art of making good relationships. Or a happy person makes others happy either by sharing spirituality or sharing resources through philanthropy. Your own perspective & practice is that defines your profit and when you gain it, you feel happy. Now think about removing the WHEN from it. Thats your happy inner calling, being happy in existance and not WHEN you aquire profits.

The program is an energy elevatig process where you learn to drop your struggles. The goal is to make life an easy flow and simply put easy is comforting and comfort is what you long for to be happy

"Its not a destination for some day- Its a journey each moment" -Anuppma

Join my “Live happy and easy” program to attain mastery in this art and be part of my personal guidance program.

 What to expect from program

The program is integrated into 3 stages.

Stage 1: Finding you

The section deals with various methods and techniques which helps you to discover root of your unhappiness

Work & find the factors, reasons, and situations which triggers unhappiness to shift your energy

Discovering & reframing your happinessss blocks 

Stage 2: Realizing you

Creating mind states and transfering them to your body to feel in real time

Practicing techniques to hold those states for longer times

Applying the energy in the moment and not in future

Stage 3:Happy you

Transformation leaps from normal to happy you with mindset shift

Creating ease in mind body heart

Planting the seeds in whole of you so you can acess them on demand, on repeat

What do we do

Finding your internal & external spots & make your personalise excercise

Framing and molding action plan for you and design unique task sets that you practice on daily basis.

Provide assistance to get emotional balance and faster positive mood changes 

This program is for ones, who…..

Want to change inner game

Want to stay with happiness 

Want to work on the mind shift

Want to walk- in situations with ease

Decide about your happy states and make them work

The Program includes…..

2 months of my personal support

8 weekly calls for1 hour each to roll the program, feedback, and implying  

Email or message support throughout the program to keep you going smoothly

Access to material, exercises and tools given in the whole program duration

Surprise Extra GIFT - Will share the details at the onset of program

Your investment in this program is 5 figure value.

The value you get is designed around your Happy needs & success

The value is your investment in your OWN growth through my expertise

There are specific spots for this program as it needs my exclusive support

The opportunity is not available to all, all the time, but depends upon my open spots


If you are ready…

Then it’s time to say YES to Live happyeasy!


You are here to proceed for happiness with ease 

Let's start being Happyeasy