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People have dreams, we all dream. We dream of becoming successful, with loads of money, a bungalow and happy ever after. After college, life gives us a reality check. When we finally collide with the harsh world outside our safe homes, dreams start to fade away. We don’t even realize when our life becomes a constant circle of doing same things over and over again. In today’s time, we cannot run away from the fact that jobs are this new constant circle.

According to a survey, 8 in 10 people were found to be dissatisfied with their jobs. People like you and me, work hard every day in a 9 to 5 job to have a successful career life; but is this a successful life? These jobs slowly consume the better parts of you; your happiness and dreams, and then in the end it all becomes a necessity of situations and life.

So, after all this if you feel exhausted and tired, it’s natural. People like me are here to help you in such situations. Career is the ultimate goal of our lives, and if we do not succeed in it, we fail at life. This course is specially designed to help you in achieving your career goals. No, not by giving you a job but by working together to help you find your best direction and transform your life.

How this course can help you

  • To unstuck from career paralysis.
  • To navigate forward in your career.
  • Mapping your career goals.
  • Realize your interests, values and personality.
  • Develop a comprehensive mission for your professional future.
  • Learn to overcome obstacles.
  • Identify values that can influence your career choices.

Layout of this course

This course is divided into 3 broad categories. Each category is further divided into few sub categories.

1 Career Change

This module is designed to understand your source of stuckness. We will explore your thoughts and emotions to control your mind. We will work out your core values to set desired career options.

 2 Career Management

  • Cracking Interview: It’s normal to feel tense and worried before or during an interview, but many-a-times you can ruin your interview due to this nervousness. This section will help you master ways in which you can overcome interview anxieties, develop confidence and work on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Career transition: This section will allow you to gain confidence and self-belief that will help you in changing careers from one to another.

 3 Career Development

  • You will learn to leverage the power of networking which will help you to position yourself higher in career prospects. You will be introduced to the concept of how different perspective and values change the meaning of the term “dream job. You will be asked a series of questions to help you explore your true needs from a career. This career guidance course enlightens you to a realistic view of the path to a successful career.