12-06-2020 09:06 am
Duration: - 1 hr session

Speaker Summary

Narinder is a known Business Coach. He specializes in Performance Coaching also.

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Happyeasy provides you skills, tools, experts to make your Life Happyeasy 

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What you will learn

How Will Our Online Session Help?   Being productive is the sole motive to succeed. But, there are a number of reasons which can stop from hitting the right numbers You need to be mentally stable and fit. All you need to do is to connect with our team and we will share a live conference link with you. Our experienced life coach will be there with the best of solutions, take a look:   Planning daily schedule to achieve your targets. Stop counting on luck and keep on following the routines. Improving your physical condition. Keeping yourself away from distraction. Being stress-free with the help of breathing exercises and meditation. Having control over your emotions.   So, covering these aspects will certainly get you going again. It will bring back the good numbers in terms of productivity.      

Who all should attend

Anyone who is struggling to get things done and want to achieve more in less time