12-06-2020 09:06 am
Duration: - 1 hr session

Speaker Summary

She is a Psychologist, Empowerment Coach, MBTI (Personality assessment ) Consultant, NLP Practitioner. She has been working in behavioral sciences for 20+ years. 

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Happyeasy provides you skills, tools, experts to make your Life Happyeasy 

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What you will learn

 How Will Our Online Session Help? It takes a lot of energy and effort to fight your inner hurdles and win against the battle with your negative-self. We are here to help you build strength to be a lot more resilient and have complete control over your emotions.   All you need to do is to connect request us and we will share a live web conference link right away to get started. We will put the focus on:   Breathing exercises to deal with inner anxiety and stress. Meditation guide to feeling a lot more affirmative and confident. How to work upon self-worth? How to have control over emotions?   As a coach, we will help you to work on these attributes to effectively deal with challenges that come your way.    

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