28-06-2020 05:06 pm
Duration: - 1 hr session

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She is Disc and MBTI Consultant with a specialization in Psychology & experience in Branding and client relationships. She had been working in Media houses for more than 20 years

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She is a Psychologist, Empowerment Coach, MBTI (Personality assessment ) Consultant, NLP Practitioner. She has been working in behavioral sciences for 20+ years. 

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How Will Our Online Session Help?  It is important that you act quickly whenever there is something that is bothering you. Happy Easy is here to help you with few of the important tips which will allow you to keep your self-esteem high and give you the chance to start your life confidently again post corona, take a look:  Understanding the value of having a self-respect Don’t overstress your mistakes. Learn from it. Taking small steps is wise to deliver quality work. Understanding your value and capability Continuously encouraging yourself Accept the changes and plan how to overcome them!  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by regularly exercising.  So, these are a few of the ways which will certainly allow you to keep your self-esteem high. All you need to do is to request us and we will share the live conference link where our certified life coaches will make sure that you are in good shape all the way. Join in now!

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