12-06-2020 04:06 am
Duration: - 1 hr session

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Anuppma is a Psychologist, Empowerment Coach, MBTI (Personality assessment ) Consultant, NLP Practitioner. She has been working in behavioral sciences for 20+ years. 

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Happyeasy provides you skills, tools, experts to make your Life Happyeasy 

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How Will Our Online Session Help You? The impact of COVID-19 has been immense! But, we can not stay in this state because it can do a lot of damage to our health. So, you must not make it late and get connected to us to see through this situation with peace and complete control of your emotions. Our highly skilled and certified life coach is ready to guide you and help you fight through these circumstances. All you need to do is to join our online sessions for free and experience the difference. You can take part in one or all the sessions as per your convenience and you will be benefited from some of the effective ways of dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression! You will learn: Effective exercises which can work like magic! Meditation guide which will help you welcome peace and calmness in your mind. Ways to deal with anxiety and stress precisely.   As and when you register with us, we will share a web conference link with you. You need to join in and get started with your exercises, meditations, and lessons.

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