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What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a profession in which people get support from a life specialist. The Life Coach help people to achieve goals or resolve issues that prevent them from living their ideal life. It is available for every life area, be it business or personal life. Life coaching is completely different from counselling or therapy, advice, consultation. A Coach and the client work in tandem to help the client achieve their personal or professional goals in all life areas.

How it benefits Me?

Meeting Life coach regularly ensures focus and accountability, encourages sharing of thoughts, feelings, eliminate blockages and limiting beliefs.

When you work with a life coach, you would devise your own solutions to overcome your problems.

How Coaching is done?

The Coaching Process

  • Revaluate (And Renew Goals)
  • Celebrate Success
  • Calibrate Path
  • Transition (Revisiting Motivation & Commitment)
  • Discover (The Objective)
  • Assess Present (Plan of Action for Goals)
  • Design
  • Checking Option (Resource & Possibilities)

Coaching makes you seek solutions within yourself and makes you accountable for your success. This process lets you be in charge of your own life and make it better. The Life Coach works with you to help you achieve the goals you set yourself. A Coach may or may not be better than you in life skills. Their job is to identify and polish your talent within, shine it and reflect it outside.

Celebrities were also looking for LifeCoaching

Serena Williams, Leonardo Di Caprio and even Bill Clinton took Life Coaching from Tony Robins. Oprah attributes some of her success to her life coach, Martha Beck. Scores of successful celebrities succeeded with little help from their Life Coach.

Is Coaching for me?

Most people who yearn to excel and succeed get benefitted from it.

It is ideal for you if you want more from life! If you ---

  • Are not where you want to be in life.
  • Want to achieve a bigger goal
  • Need to find life purpose
  • Need to work on relationships
  • Need more energy, fitness, motivation
  • Want to make a change in life,
  • Have a bigger career goal
  • Get on the spiritual path
  • Want to have better finances
  • Want to stay happy & stress free

A coach is there to help you work on your specific goal.

What to expect when
I take coaching ?

A coach will help you define goals, create a plan, Keep you focused, support you, challenge you, share obstacles, motivate you and celebrate with you.
  • Select a coach from HAPPYEASY
  • Get the coach details on mail
  • Contact your coach or coach contacts you
  • Have a discovery call
  • Coach offers a customized plan
  • Start coaching on the agreed mode of sessions ( phone call, audio call, video call)

In the entire Coaching Process, firstly, there is a general consultation which is then followed by designing a personal coaching plan based on consultation. This step is followed by the third step where they have one on one session on audio or video call or online chat or personally. Finally, a customized plan for a required number of sessions needed is set along with regular support as consented by coach and client. Its highly personal and customizable service and result oriented, so plans are given to clients according to needs.

How it Works

The secret of change lies in the path we undertake. Life Coaching gives you the opportunity to provide guidance in a person’s vision and unlock the potential in him. Happyeasy as a platform helps to liberate your thoughts and actions out to bring a positive change in our clients. On Happyeasy, you can awaken a soul into a pragmatic direction for him to become a stronger and better person. We want to eternalize the bond by giving leverage to the coaches with an easy collaboration and without any location boundations.

We cannot become what we want to, unless we remain what we are.
Push the boundaries to let the change happen!

For Clients

Easy ways to get right Life Coaching

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  • Meet Your Life Coach Transform Your Life

For Coaches

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  6. Start with your assigned sessions

  • Joining the platform is easy. You get your rewards once you interact with our clients to guide them in the right direction.

  • Numbers of clients are joining everyday. We will show your profile to clients who need help in your areas of expertise.

  • It will be a beneficial situation in terms of knowledge and earnings.

  • Gain insights and build your reputation by getting access to hundreds of potential clients and learning from every encounter.

  • Explore new chapters in life with new turns with numerous clients experiences.