Sanil Pillai


I am a Certified Professional Coach. As a Career Wellbeing and Personal Growth coach, I help technology professionals maximize their individual potential in life and at work. I specialize in soft-skills, creativity, and career-growth coaching.

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Fremont, CA

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About Coach

As a technologist for a good two decades of my career, I have lead numerous teams to build and deliver software products for enterprises. During that tenure, I was always passionate about mentoring and grooming individuals towards their professional growth. For the past couple of years, in my role leading innovation at a professional services company, I have also been very fortunate to have had opportunities to mentor technology professionals, manage creativity and drive innovation.

Today, as a Personal Growth  and Career Wellbeing Coach and facilitator, I am excited to leverage this industry experience to turbocharge the careers of a lot of professionals and to enhance the effectiveness of teams in organizations. 

When I am not working with individuals and organizations towards their wellbeing, I pursue my other passion of writing stories and scripts for short films or am sharing my thoughts on life and living or am reading up on research and literature on wellbeing. 

As a Certified Professional Coach, I help professionals reach full potential through Personal Growth Coaching and NLP. If you want to excel in life and work, we should definitely talk.

How is Coaching Experience with me?

The logistics for the program are :

- 3-month program
- Initial Leadership Assessment
- 15 1-1 sessions (In person or Skype/phone/video) - 60 minutes sessions
- Unlimited chat through Livecoach platform
- Unlimited email conversations
- Program management of the coaching objectives

How can I help you?

Identify key areas for improvement in Leadership attributes
- Identify key area for improvement in Team Management attributes
- Identify key results that would define success for you. 
- Coach on strategies for improvement in the key areas and follow-ups to achieve the
key results
- Provide Inspiration, Accountability, Direction, and Advice to steer towards the desired
key results.
- Assessment at the end of the program to measure and plan next steps


Leadership Jumpstart Coaching Program

  • Designed for Mid/Senior Management Professionals
  • Want to excel in their existing roles
  • overwhelmed by the competing demands of leadership needs, management
    needs, and individual needs.