Piyush Mahajan

"Let's find ways to turn things around for good”

Certified Life Coach, Career Coach

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New Delhi, India

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ICF Certified Life Coach

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You are at the right place if:
You are an individual, an employee, a leader or a business owner who believes that ‘Individuals and organizations are ever evolving and thus look for maximizing their performance and unlocking their potential for better lives and future. Corporate culture begins with introspecting what we are, what we do and what we can do.’

I work with both individuals as well as organizations who are ready to take their lives from good to GREAT. I am here to inspire you, lift you up and give you instant clarity on the life of your dreams.

Connect with me for goal setting, vision alignment, career confusion, career restart, career transition, work-life balance, personal effectiveness and performance enhancement areas via 1-o-1 coaching sessions and training interventions.

How is Coaching experience with me

If you are looking for someone to listen, motivate, empower you to find your goals and plan actions to reach those, then I would love to have conversations with you. The first discovery session will be crucial to plan our line of action going forward and understand the challenges you are facing. The sessions will be planned as per mutual convenience and we will remain connected over message and email during and after our coaching conversations. The sessions can be done using audio, video or chat at this platforms.

About Coach

With more than 11 years of corporate experience, I am an internationally certified life-coach, corporate facilitator, and self-improvement blogger.

I am the mother to God's blessing, the daughter of parents who taught valuable life principles to me, and the sister to my partner-in-crime. Most importantly, I am the wife of a man who is my 'life coach'. I owe a lot to him for my success and happiness, be it in my personal or professional life


Career Coaching

Career Coaching