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Mumbai, India

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ACC from ICF, Member Trainer of NLP

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W3 Coaching is a wholistic approach towards making life a more fulfilling experience by empowering you with the right information to help you surround yourself with abundance. Focusing on the three most important aspects of life – wealth, wisdom, and wellness – these coaching engagements, with six sessions each, will help you develop in all the three areas.

How is coaching experience with me

Knowledgeable and creative, Mehernosh has a love for learning new things. In his training workshops, his chief single-minded effort is always on participant experience. For his coachees, with his result-oriented approach, he directs his attention on their transformation and growth

About Coach

Mehernosh believes wealth, wisdom and wellness need equal attention for a balanced life -that’s why he dived deep into this philosophy and has made a difference with his ‘W3 Wonder Wand’.

Mehernosh has been working consistently with various HR leaders, CEOs, Sales and Marketing Directors, Entrepreneurs and also people who are at the crossroads of a career transition.
He has worked with different well-known organizations like Bank of America, Boston Consulting Group, Canadian Consulate, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, HDFC Bank, Cipla, Essar, Reliance, Mahindra and L&T to name just a few.
WHAT’S SPECIAL ABOUT HIM Since 2014, as an Executive Coach, Speaker, Mentor and Trainer, he has conducted more than 600 workshops with more than 75 organizations, trained and coached more than 4,500 people across 12 nationalities including senior, mid and junior management. 


Wealth - Financial Freedom Formula

In spite of a strong business acumen or working towards increasing profitability at your workplace, when it comes to your personal investments you may end up investing in instruments your relationship manager suggests.

But the correct way is to know the reason behind your investments and understand them. This one day workshop will help you:

  • Refine and define your financial goals
  • Power your decision on how and where to invest
  • Get clarity on time in the market for your investments
  • Know the secrets to achieving goal-based financial planning
  • Know when and how to plan for your retirement
  • Be it long-term or short-term investments or even insurance planning, at the end of this session, you will know when it is worth taking a risk and how to match your goals to the investments.

Wisdom - Corporate Charisma

Being a part of this workshop will help you in:

  • Effortlessly persuading people with power, poise, and polish
  • Connecting with anyone, anywhere with confidence and conviction
  • Understanding yourself better and taking responsibility for your actions
  •  Instilling trust in prospective customers through articulate messaging
  • Enhancing your opportunities and getting clients to connect with you

This workshop is powered with ideas and information to help you identify, influence, and inspire people.

Once you are through this workshop you will find yourself communicating better, influencing deeply, and articulating emotionally to build trust and credibility.

Wellness - Wholistic Wellness

This module works around the three pillars of wellness – rest, nutrition, and exercise. It guides you on how to be prepared to do what you need to do without worrying about your energy levels and by mastering mindfulness.

As you embark on the journey of a Wholistic Wellness, you:
  • Gain insight into right eating habits
  • Learn to positively reframe your thoughts
  •  Discover how to increase your productivity
  • Understand what physical workouts suit you
  • Understand the importance of rest and rejuvenation