John Stevens

"Business coach focused on teamwork”

My credentials are 45+ years in business, 75 years in life, observing and learning all the time about what makes people and organizations work best.

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Cafayate, Argentina

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About Coach

Throughout a career spanning over 45 years John’s management style has been one of building teams to bring several competent people together to focus on a common objective.

For the past several years, I have been a coach myself, helping mostly small business owners improve the efficiency of their operations. He helped them clearly communicate their mission to their employees and encourage the employees to think about how their work relates to the organizational mission.

In my most recent position as a hired manager, as Chief Pilot for Wiggins Airways, Inc., a regional air freight company providing small-aircraft “feeder” support for major small package air express carriers, he began with a low-morale group of 55 pilots with a dismal performance record and helped them become a top-performing enthusiastic team. A union movement among these pilots simply evaporated as a result of the morale improvement. The on-time performance and safety record of the pilot team improved several fold as communication and teamwork reigned.

In my personal pursuits, I enjoy with people, golf, sports car racing, physical exercise, pool. Of these, people are the most important part of each area of interest. Whom I play golf with is much more important to me than how well I play, or who wins – not that winning is unimportant. The social aspect of the game is much more important to John. Interestingly, John remembers thinking, early in his career, “People are so difficult – machines are much more predictable – turn ’em on, turn ’em off, they mostly do what you tell them to do. I’d really rather not deal with people”. Now, 50 years later, people are the most important and enjoyable aspect of his life, and his work.

How is Coaching experience with me?

  • - Passionate about improving client's business
  • - Can help in copywirting for the clients
  • - Encourages teamwork and leadership for client's business
  • - Would love to hear your stories, be it white paper, case study, blog or even a book


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