Cynthia Clark

"Love is in Your Hands”

Level 3 Certified Palmistry World

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Aspen, CO, USA

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Level 3 Certified Palmistry World

How I can help you ?

If you need assistance in healing from a breakup, understanding who is the best partner for you and actually attracting that partner, I use a variety of tools to help you reach your relationship goals.

How is coaching experience with me ?

My approach is unique in that I analyze your hands to uncover the truth of who you are, who you are most compatible with and what your challenges are. Your hands are the clearest mirror to your soul and personality. I have 20 years of energy healing experience and use my many modalities to assist you in breaking through subconscious blocks and challenges based on what we discover in your hands. I offer coaching packages and online courses, as well an entire dating platform where you upload an image of your hand and get matched using a complex computer algorithm based on my expertise.

About Coach

Cynthia Clark began her soulmate journey at a young age. Married by the time she was 21 years old, she was with her first husband for 19 years. During that time, Cynthia coached thousands of people in all areas of their lives, including relationship guidance. When her marriage ended, Cynthia went through a rebound period that taught her a lot about partner selection, especially inappropriate selections. Using the processes she now teaches, she found the love of her life and is now happily remarried in a beautiful, expansive soulmate relationship. She has worked with over 7,000 people worldwide and is the creator of the Palm Profiling System to identify soulmate archetypes using hand analysis. She is passionate and compassionate toward those seeking their soulmate relationship and her greatest desire is that everyone seeking true love finds it and lives it.


Heartbreak to Happiness

    • Broken up from a relationship or marriage?
    • Struggling to move on with your life?
    • Feeling shattered and disillusioned?
    • Feeling lost and unfocused?
    • Someone who thought your forever love would last forever, but it didn’t?
    • Someone who has lost the passion and zest for life?
    • Angry and bitter over what’s happened in your relationship?