Dr. Sumita C Ummat

"Personal Awareness Life Coach”

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Delhi NCR, India
Coaching Hours: 800

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B E , ACC (ICF) NDDY( Stress Management), PMP

How can I help you

I love working with clients who feel stuck and struggle to make positive change in their life, want to be fulfilled in areas of personal effectiveness, behavior, career, business, health,relationships


How is coaching experience with me

  • Increased self awareness
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Less stress
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Holistic Balance in life
  • Better relationships

About Coach

Academically I am an electronics engineer who worked on the corporate leadership for 18 years. Along with managing business projects I was responsible for mentoring my global teams . Although I was in a strong leadership role, I was continuously searching for a bigger purpose in my life. 
Being passionate about people, I decided to complete my ACC coach certification and practice as a full time Coach and a facilitator. 
Bringing out the best in people gives me a lot of fulfillment and aligns with my vision of creating a more happier world for our future generations. 
I see my clients as a whole and complete being. By seeing and holding them in that light they are able to unleash the deep hidden reservoir of unlimited potential within themselves which empowers them further to achieve their goals.Through self-discovery and reflection, my clients are able to identify the best steps they are willing to take for building a life they desire. 
I classify my clients into 3 categories based on their level of self awareness a)Wanderer – They feel stuck in their lives and most of the time they seek clarity on what could make them more fulfilled. They typically don’t know what they want. 
As a coach I create a safe environment to hold them in acceptance which enables them to think out of the box, reminding them of their perfection and the deep potential . My coaching helps them to connect within, introspect and become mindful of their inner radar to guide them further. 
b)Explorer – They have fair amount of insight where they want to reach but are keen on experimenting within boundaries, looking at aligning their attitudes and behaviors to reach their goals. 
My job is to brainstorm with them what could be meaningful for them at that point in time.I would mentor,guide and support them to align their actions with their belief & values 
c)Warrior – They are clear of what they want. As a coach I partner with them and expedite their journey while holding them accountable for actions