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Corona Fear and Your Emotional Balance

Humans have always been social animals. They need to communicate and exchange thoughts in order to have healthy relationships with others as well as maintain their own sanity.


The current pandemic has forced people to stay at home, quarantined to prevent any further damage than is already done around the world.  Doctors believe that quarantine is linked to PTSD(post-traumatic stress disorder), confusion, and anger.


This quarantine has also developed a fear of the unknown in the hearts of people who will now have a hard time being close to others even after the social distancing is over. These are the times when even a simple cough draws accusatory glares. Along with this, this disruption in normalcy has grasped the minds of people leaving psychological scars.


People all around the globe have complained of growing anxiety and loneliness which has caused an emotional imbalance among them.


This emotional imbalance is a result of failure on various personal and professional fronts in people’s lives. The year started with a negative note and has hampered a lot of plans. Some wanted to complete their studies and were waiting to head back home, while others were eyeing that promotion. Children wanted to enjoy their summer holidays and graduates wanted a big fat farewell where they could dance their hearts out.


It may seem like a hard time for our emotional sides but every cloud has a silver lining. Now it all the more necessary to find the right emotional balance which is the ability of the mind to maintain flexibility in times of challenges and changes.


This is the right time to train your mind to reflect on the positivity in the world. When the corona fears spiked, psychologists urged people to take up fruitful exercises of mind and body in order to prevent situations like stress.


It is the time to self-introspect one’s own actions, understand oneself better, and make positive affirmations. Remember, your emotional balance affects yourself as well as all the others connected to you in some way. It can be a colleague from work, your immediate family member, or your partner.


In such trying times, there are multiple ways that a person can regain his/her emotional balance. Mindfulness is a condition that precludes emotional balance. Mindfulness is nothing but our inner consciousness that prevents the cultivation of bad habits by intruding our chain of thoughts when we are being negative. It can be achieved by meditation, journaling, yoga, practicing gratitude, etc.


These practices will help you in channeling your inner feelings to the right outlet without them being suppressed or neglected. It is important for you to express what you feel in order to avoid an accumulation of anger and worry inside you.


This expression of feelings will help you in finding the right emotional balance. They also help you to accept the reality as it is rather than trying to aligning things in a manner of how they “should” be.  If needed, one can also ask professional help via virtual consultation.


Steps to ReProgram the Subconscious Mind

Can you tell, how much of your thinking each day is in complete control of you? Sounds complicated right? Well, this is what we call a subconscious mind- “Not being clear about what we are thinking!” if you are conscious, you will surely be able to take charge of your day’s work according to your thought process.

But, do you know how much percentage of your thoughts are in complete control? 50%? 30%? No!

According to studies, it shows that only 10 percent of your thoughts are original and the rest 90 percent of the thought process is programmed. Yes, it is mostly related to the previous day’s actions!

So, what we learn?

The subconscious mind is basically an opinion or emotion that we feel or have for different subjects or experiences.


It’s like, you see a mosquito, and you try to smack it! Why? Because this is what has been stored in your head or what we say a subconscious mind!

Our behavior is also related to the subconscious mind! Our behavior defines our personalities so, you must make sure that your subconscious mind is aware of it and acts accordingly! Is it possible?

Yes, we can reprogram the Subconscious Mind!

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

Suppose, you are a writer and have been working on it to become a successful one! Your subconscious mind knows all the behavior related to this activity of your life. But, what if you suddenly want to step into the field of graphic design?

Will it be possible for you to achieve the same success with the same behavior as followed by the writer? NO! You will have to change yourself! You will have to reprogram your subconscious mind!  You get it!

So, we need to make changes in ourselves to affect our subconscious mind! With this, let’s begin with the final segment of the article where we will be understanding the steps to reprogram your subconscious mind, let’s dive in:


  • You need to understand who you are!
  • You need to be clear about what you want to achieve!
  • You must always keep thinking about what you your goals are!
  • You need to make a mental note of your personal achievements as per the moment.

This will certainly make your mindset fall into place where you want to move! A clear vision is definitely the way to go!


  • You need to create an image of what it feels like to achieve your goal.
  • Let that feeling sink in throughout your body.
  • You need to make your future thinking process connected to it! This will create an awareness in your mind and body!
  • You need to feel the sounds and surroundings of the success in your vision!
  • Appreciate yourself for this journey!

This will solidify your vision and take you a step ahead with the power to change things which didn’t look possible


You are a combination of past experiences and future projections. Your mind is the captain of the ship of your life and you have the power to change who you are into whoever you imagine.  You just need to act according to it!

Wrapping Up!

Yes, writing these steps is easy as compared to acting on it! It is difficult to reprogram your subconscious mind but if you are committed to it then, you will surely be acknowledging a different YOU pretty soon!