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Money Mindset – Clear Blocks and Attract Money

Money can be a space of resistance, but its mentality can also cause a lot of problems, especially for those with a money mentality.

It often directly reflects how your family handles and believes in money, and it can also reflect your relationship with other people in your life, such as family members, friends, or even yourself.

So we need to heal our money mentality of abundance, and abundance begins with abundance, not only in terms of money, but also in our relationships with others.

Thinking about money leads to how we think about our money and how our feelings give energy to our energy. Our energy supports our earning power, but it also harms it, just as it harms our relationships with other people.

If we want to use our energy to earn more and have financial freedom, we need to clean up our thoughts and beliefs about money. If we open up to change our beliefs and our monetary mentality, we can remove the barriers that allow us to become rich and gain financial freedoms.

The first step in removing these blockages is to become aware of them, but we must look at our ego before we can bring it to light.

There are a few big blocks when it comes to abundance, but a belief can really resonate with you, and you are likely to see elements of all three.

The first great bloc of abundance is the deficiency mentality, and it is the belief that there is too much scarcity in the world. People who languish in this mentality of deprivation are convinced that they will never achieve abundance. You may believe that you will have enough, but that it will never be enough and that there will always be “enough.” You are constantly struggling to feel safe in your home, your family or even in your personal environment such as a home office or office.

This can manifest itself in a number of ways, but let us only look at the lack of mentality without judgment. The second big block is the belief that for a certain amount of money you are better off with less than others. If you wear a belief system of scarcity, it’s okay for you to wear it.

Maybe you are afraid of having money because you associate it with negative characteristics, or maybe you have a story that says you don’t want to be seen with it. You might think that if you had a lot of money, it would be better to work harder, be smarter, and so on.

People who value money regard themselves as inferior if they do not have a certain amount, and they do not behave in this way. Those who have a lot of money enjoy it because they have lost a lot of it, and not because of any negative characteristics of money.

This belief system sees the world on a zero-sum basis: if one person has more, another person must have less. People in this block believe that their earning potential is unlimited and that it is based on the outside world. If you tell yourself that your ability to be rich depends on something, then everything that happens in your world will fuel your belief that only so many people can be richer than you. There is not enough to do for yourself, only enough for the people around you and for your family and friends.

I want to give you the tools to heal your money mentality and attract the wealth you desire. You have to be fully aware of these blocks, watch your own blocks in abundance and figure out how to clean them.

How do you feel when it comes to financial security, and how did you get to the point of not eating enough or not having enough money? In my own way, I see this as a lack of mentality, but how do I feel when I am in the midst of a financial crisis?

I began to become very aware of this and kept an eye on my thoughts and energy throughout the day, as well as my behaviour when dealing with money. When I noticed anxious thoughts about money, I used the moment to change my perception by practicing the Choose Again method. I forgave myself that I had anxious thoughts and then consciously decided to see them differently.

You could catch yourself staring into a shop window and wishing you could afford a great pair of boots. One immediately forgives oneself for the thought and then chooses a new one, or one gets into the moment of wishing that one could and could have afforded a larger pair of boots, but did not.

I’m grateful for a cup of coffee, but not so grateful that I need a new pair of boots or even a better job.

This simple change redirects my energy and strengthens my gratitude and positivity, and it is one of the most effective methods I have come up with.

I thought for a moment that I really have a lot of abundance, so I decided to look for it instead. More than anything else, fullness is a feeling, and true fullness begins with a belief system. If we take the time to look not only at what we lack, but also through the lens of love, fullness becomes all that we see. I know this true abundance more than any other thing in the world, because it is about feelings, more than anything else.

I decided that this thought made me feel like I had much more abundance than I really had, and I behaved like one. I got out of that mentality and decided to look for it instead, because it’s so much more than just a feeling.

It sounds simple, but the simplicity of this practice has helped me make long-term changes, and for that I am grateful.


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