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Go after what you want 

It is good to have a good feeling for oneself, and although I often feel uncomfortable with myself, I put this concept at the top of my list. I call this resistance a combination of self-doubt, fear of failure, and a lack of confidence in one’s abilities.

In this post, I want to show you how to resist this resistance in order to get what you want. Anxiety can feel like a natural way to protect yourself and keep control, but it can also be felt in other ways, such as in the form of anger, anxiety, and even depression.

The answer is that fear takes many forms, and you might think, “Wait a minute, aren’t you running away from fear all the time? How does this state of anxiety differ from other states of anxiety such as anger, depression or even depression? The desire to control everything, the desire to control your life and your ability to “control” everything, all stem from the feeling of fear.

When, like most of us, we rely on fear, we are disconnected from the free-flowing love of the universe.

Our society has convinced us that it takes struggle, heroic perseverance and sacrifice to make something worthwhile. We are taught that pain has a purpose and that success means suffering, but we think that we cannot get what we want without a fight.

This is not to say that I have not experienced some very difficult circumstances in my life, but nothing good comes without a fight. Some things must be achieved through hard work, determination, perseverance, sacrifice and a strong will to succeed.

I would like to stress that while suffering can help heal and grow, it can also be the key to success. The decision to face difficult times with grace helped me to overcome the history of sacrifice and to be proud of myself, to be ready to grow. Sometimes it seemed like I was dying, but the grace took me to the other side.

The simple truth is that you don’t have to fight to be happy, but battle is not necessary to manifest what you want.

I would like to abolish this idea today, but I am afraid I have to erase it from my mind because it is simply too much for me.

I’ ve convinced many that struggle is the key to success and that their pain has a purpose. How suffering actually prevents you from succeeding, and I will involve you in a story that actually blocks your ability to create.

The miracles teach us that there is no idle thought, but we have thoughts, and on a certain level our thinking produces form.

The energy that underlies our thoughts directly influences our experiences, and if we believe in suffering, we will suffer. When we have a fear based on low vibes or repetition, it creates an energetic dynamic that will eventually manifest itself in our lives. This energy resists the supportive flow of the universe and brings us closer to it.

In this case, this is the case for the majority of people, but not for those with strong self-esteem and a deep understanding of the universe.

I have been told for years that if it was not hectic, everything around me would collapse, and as a result I work around the clock and have a lot of fear because of my faith and happiness. I block the free flow of energy, prevent people from helping me and block all manifestations that come into my life. This prevents me from achieving my destiny in the most massive way, but it is not the only way.

As soon as I freed myself from the pressure of struggle to succeed and earn happiness, I opened the door to universal support and guidance. I manifested much more than I could have imagined, expanded my business, behaved like a child, invited people from all over the world to support my mission, manifested and manifested again and again.

My goal today is simply to let go of the pressure, to fight to get what I want and to be happy, and my mantra brings this mantra to life: “If you suffer in order to be successful, you will suffer again and again.

This affirmation of freedom, receptivity, and joy will begin to cultivate new energies, and it is this freedom that allows us to attract what we desire. At this moment, we need to ease our suffering and open ourselves to the means to be happy and free and to create the world we want to see.

At this moment we realize that we do not have to be in pain and that we have a meaning in life. You can post in the comments below and explain what feels right for you and the moment you let go of your suffering.

Put aside your fears, worries, fears of failure, anger, anxiety, depression, fear of rejection and support for yourself.

Joy is a very high vibration that is in harmony with the love of the universe, and when you embody that vibration, you become more open to people, situations and experiences that match your vibration. Your willingness to have fun and be creative also opens up channels for you to communicate with all the loving energies in your universe. If you feel comfortable – be a priority – you will be attracted to beings who want to feel comfortable and well-being that they want.

In a state of joy the guidance comes effortlessly, and good things can easily come to you. The steps to enter the stream of well-being and check out our free workshops where we teach you how to effortlessly accept the guidance that comes from this state of joy.

I hope that you will benefit, and I am sure that you, too, will benefit, whether you are a believer or not.

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