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Follow your dreams

I read a novel a few years ago, but I can’t remember the title or the name of the author, only that the protagonist runs away. I have been new to the active lifestyle for a few years, and I am a runner, so The idea that my protagonist is running away from me is still something I was only joking about. Even though I have been saying loudly and publicly for years that I am not a runner, nothing really happened for me.

I was in the gym And I walked on the treadmill, And then I stepped up my pace Like I started running. I looked around and felt a little crazy, but I just couldn’t shake that little question off me. I was lucky I didn’t break my knee.

From then on, walking became a passion, a love I learned to love, and above all, I did not die. That’s what makes a dream come true, not just a goal, but a life – a long passion for sport and the people around you.

I used to dream of walking Marathon and wondered if I could run the marathon or even run it myself. I let my mind play crazy and dreamed of spectators running through the streets of the city wondering who would walk in it and who could do it at all.

There are many things you can do to make this day a reality, but the process of making it and other dreams a reality is the same. It takes somewhere between a million and a trillion tiny actions to get you off your feet. Of course, each step can be divided into further steps, but in essence, it is all three. The thing is, most people get caught up in trying to figure out all three.

If you keep getting stuck, if you don’t move forward (which isn’t always easy) and think everything is on track, it takes time and commitment to achieve your dreams.

There are parts of yourself that no longer fit, and you forget that you have lost some of the anxiety that comes from a dislike of yourself.

These obstacles are temporary, they can be bypassed, and it becomes infinitely easier to do things if you make them conscious. If you are involved and engaged in your dreams, you will find the rest of yourself. Dreams are sometimes structured, sometimes they need the care to flow, but they always require full commitment. You will do everything to make them true if you love them as much as you love yourself. They are your dreams and your love, go after them, its worth for your life:)


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