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Steps to ReProgram the Subconscious Mind

Can you tell, how much of your thinking each day is in complete control of you? Sounds complicated right? Well, this is what we call a subconscious mind- “Not being clear about what we are thinking!” if you are conscious, you will surely be able to take charge of your day’s work according to your thought process.

But, do you know how much percentage of your thoughts are in complete control? 50%? 30%? No!

According to studies, it shows that only 10 percent of your thoughts are original and the rest 90 percent of the thought process is programmed. Yes, it is mostly related to the previous day’s actions!

So, what we learn?

The subconscious mind is basically an opinion or emotion that we feel or have for different subjects or experiences.


It’s like, you see a mosquito, and you try to smack it! Why? Because this is what has been stored in your head or what we say a subconscious mind!

Our behavior is also related to the subconscious mind! Our behavior defines our personalities so, you must make sure that your subconscious mind is aware of it and acts accordingly! Is it possible?

Yes, we can reprogram the Subconscious Mind!

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

Suppose, you are a writer and have been working on it to become a successful one! Your subconscious mind knows all the behavior related to this activity of your life. But, what if you suddenly want to step into the field of graphic design?

Will it be possible for you to achieve the same success with the same behavior as followed by the writer? NO! You will have to change yourself! You will have to reprogram your subconscious mind!  You get it!

So, we need to make changes in ourselves to affect our subconscious mind! With this, let’s begin with the final segment of the article where we will be understanding the steps to reprogram your subconscious mind, let’s dive in:


  • You need to understand who you are!
  • You need to be clear about what you want to achieve!
  • You must always keep thinking about what you your goals are!
  • You need to make a mental note of your personal achievements as per the moment.

This will certainly make your mindset fall into place where you want to move! A clear vision is definitely the way to go!


  • You need to create an image of what it feels like to achieve your goal.
  • Let that feeling sink in throughout your body.
  • You need to make your future thinking process connected to it! This will create an awareness in your mind and body!
  • You need to feel the sounds and surroundings of the success in your vision!
  • Appreciate yourself for this journey!

This will solidify your vision and take you a step ahead with the power to change things which didn’t look possible


You are a combination of past experiences and future projections. Your mind is the captain of the ship of your life and you have the power to change who you are into whoever you imagine.  You just need to act according to it!

Wrapping Up!

Yes, writing these steps is easy as compared to acting on it! It is difficult to reprogram your subconscious mind but if you are committed to it then, you will surely be acknowledging a different YOU pretty soon!

Let Go – Live with peace

At the end of each year, I ask my customers what they need to let go to move forward. I’m not worried about clearing out my house, my wardrobe, my car, my make-up bag, etc. , But I rarely think about what occupies the most important space I own: my personal space.

Each year, I decide to revisit my plans for the year in a different format and decide whether I will feel that way this year. I sit down for a while and play with my cats, look through the windows the beautiful blue-red sky, or I take off my shoes and sit the garden downstairs and watch the fountains for a half hour.

The words that keep coming to my mind are abundant, and I want to feel abundance, but I am not sure that is the right word.

I’ve worked hard in the last year, I have worked hard in my business, and I will work hard on my relationships, but I also work hard on myself.

I’ve worked hard on my exercise my meditation and diet, and I’ve worked hard on visiting sites to learn and events to learn and expand what I’m learning.

I’ ve worked hard on what I want and I had a wonderful year, but so be it. I’m going to have to work hard for another couple of wonderful years because that’s how it should be, you’ve worked hard at what you want.

When Teacher asked me to give in a particularly challenging posture, I did not move. I was asked to be gentle, remember to breathe, and I did, but only for a few seconds, not for long.

If you find it difficult to adopt a posture in yoga, your body will struggle and make an effort, defend itself against the posture and defend itself, fight for it. How often do you find the answer to a question in your life through your yoga practice? Let go of the idea that there is a certain way, honor where you are, and let go.

Do not push, do not be pushed, and like the softening of water on a rock, your body will find its way to you and you to it.

To become rich, you have to become gentle, breathe and let go, but let go. Let go of the idea that you are going to have a good year, even if it is hard, because you just let go! It’s amazing to me when I think of all the women who can handle it, like my mother, or even my best friend’s mother.

If you are a mother, manage your children, keep them clean, entertained and you be entertained, maintain a house, a car, an office and a house full of toys, toys and toys. You book home deliveries, pick up groceries, buy groceries, cook meals, clean up after yourself and maintain your apartment.

In addition to all the tasks you take on, you also take on the idea of what it means to be a woman. You get ideas on how to talk, behave, and be successful, how to be loved, and how your body looks and behaves.

Many of these tasks, ideas, and beliefs are never questioned, and it is often these very things that hold you back. It takes a lot of courage, a lot of self-confidence, and the willingness to let go of all that.

The fact that you don’t lose weight, of course, is not because you didn’t know what to do, but because you didn’t know what to do. Frankly, it’s not rocket science: eat a balanced diet, eat less, exercise more, spend less. You know that if you save more and earn more, you need to invest more wisely to be better off financially.

But you have to stop behaving like this in the things you want to achieve, not only for yourself but also for your family, your friends, and your future.

Deep down, we all have faith that contradicts what we want, but deep down, we have no confidence in our own ability to contradict it.

The woman who keeps eating, who creates a physical barrier between herself and potential suitors because she is afraid of being hurt again. The woman sitting at her desk believes that hard work means “hard work” and that it is synonymous with success, tickets, promotion, etc. There is a woman who has overeaten and overeaten herself, who has erected physical barriers between her and a potential suitor because she is afraid of being hurt again. An actress who suddenly earns a lot of money is more likely to lose her friends, as she is no longer the starving artist in her group of friends.

There are many things that interfere with our best intentions and cause us to stumble on our way to what we really want. We keep repeating old, unhelpful patterns, and we have no control over the outcome of our actions or the results of the things we do. Instead of beginning the New Year by pushing a boulder on a mountain, we should make resolutions that we know we will not keep. Let go, because you have to let go in order to really get to your heart’s content.


Self Care beyond you

Self-care is a buzzword, but it is not self-care in the truest sense of the word, because who would not want that? Self-sufficiency is good for us, for good love and good company, and self-care in the truest sense of the word is about you. It anchors the idea that everything is connected, that we are all connected in some way, shape, or form, whether we like it or not.

We need to develop thoughtful relationships to take care of ourselves and each other in a healthy way. As Socrates himself advocated, we can achieve this by looking after others in a healthy way, and we do so through healthy relationships.

The mission of self-care psychology is to help women find themselves how to deal with shit like this. We are supposed to encourage women to support each other, and we can only succeed if we are not alone.

A review of 148 studies concluded that “the influence of social relationships on mortality risk is a well-established risk factor, exceeding the influence of other factors such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, and education. Relationships and community are the keys to well-being, but all too often we forget how important that connection is. It is not accidental, it is a conscious and concerted effort by all of us. This is not an airy fairy tale, this is not an accident of nature, nor the result of an accidental event or even a coincidence.

Brene Brown defines it as “the energy that exists when people feel seen, heard, and valued when they can give and receive without judgment and draw nourishment and strength from relationships. Connectivity is self-sufficiency and that is what we should all strive for.

This is the community we need to grow, and this is a culture we need to foster, a place where we can be our true selves and be accepted in return. This is our community, our self-care, and our sanctuary, where we can not only be ourselves but also remain true to ourselves and accept ourselves in return.

It’s not always good for some women – we spend night after night parked in front of Netflix and can’t do our jobs because it’s just too much effort to connect. This behavior can be useful and relaxing, but it can easily become a trot from which we cannot escape, and we tear each other down in a momentary thrust.

How can we expand our support groups, take personal responsibility, and do what we can for ourselves and our fellow human beings?

It’s so easy to think that we’re too busy, that other things are more important and that spending time with friends and family can feel like a luxury, but it’s not. It is basic self-sufficiency, and we cannot remember whether we have ever brushed our teeth because we have too much to do. No man is an island, I have just discovered, so there is no man – no island – like life on the other side of the world, just as there is no man on this planet with the same amount of resources as you.

When people talk to you and share with you, listen to them, give back in full, enjoy your time, and have fun.

When people talk to you and share with you, listen to them, give back in full, and enjoy when you can, even if it’s just for a moment.

Someone once told me to listen when I think about what to say next when someone talks to me. Be open and honest, share your feelings with people you trust, get support, and share them. When you start to notice these basic skills, it’s surprising how shit you can be without them.

It’s easy to fall back on “good,” but give it a try and you’ll be surprised at how much it helps you and how good you feel.

Take an active part in building, maintaining, and building relationships with others and reaching out to people you haven’t seen in a while. Making friends is a skill you have to work on, but over coffee, I met people I’ve wanted to be friends with for ages.

After all of the above, be selective and think about how the people in your life contribute to your life. Do you want quality rather than quantity, or are some people simply toxic to you and your well-being?

On social media, think about who follows you, who you’re interacting with, and who you’re reacting to on purpose.

When I got a mail from The best you invited me to collaborate with them as Director of The Legacy Club, Delhi Chapter, I was thrilled because a human who supports human do incredible things.  There is this beautiful idea that we need each other as a whole, to connect with others and help them on their way, is self-care yet beyond you.

Are you ready? Yes you are!

I’m not quite there yet, but I’m a bit closer than at the start of the year and a lot closer to the end of the year.

I’m the bare truth here, so let’s sort it out a little bit and I’ll be honest with you because it’s just the truth.

At school, you were undoubtedly a performer, but when you were sidelined, there was no time to hurry. I bet your books were covered with green ticks, stickers, and stars, and I bet those sticker stars were replaced by many red, blue, yellow, green, red, and blue stickers when they were growing up.

You have learned to measure your success outwardly by the letters in your name on exam papers and courses, but not by your appearance on stage.

You know that you have goals that have been on the table for a while, but you are not sure whether you are ready or not. It’s almost addictive, and you don’t know until you’ve had it for a while.

I look at it with caution because it means so much to me, but I’m also so grateful that I looked out for myself with a bit of caution because it meant so much.

People laugh at you when you start and you look stupid, but you don’t want to be in the wrong. I didn’t want to do myself any harm by acting too hastily, and fortunately, I stopped when I started, even though I’m a bit older than you.

You don’t have to wait until you’re perfect, even if it’s just a bit longer than a few weeks or a few months or even a year.

The sparrow has laid eggs, the scales indicate the right weight, and you are ready for the next step on your path to perfection.

The pursuit of perfection is a form of delay, and there will never be a perfect time or situation. The stars rarely align in the perfect pattern, but the universe gives you signs that everything is in order.

If you are sitting in your living room, office or car, hoping that something will fall into your lap, perhaps you should reconsider. Things do not simply happen; they are made to happen, and the law of attraction works wonders for you. You don’t start learning and making progress until you’re in action, so pretend to feel ready.

You have to have behaved sufficiently to start with and learn from the beginning, but not so much that you will learn everything.

Maybe you need a bit more time, a bit more training and maybe a few hours more practice, but not much more than that.

If you have behaved yourself enough, to begin with, then you are ready for the real thing, even if it is just a bit more than you thought.

If you sit carefully on the edge of the field, imagine all sorts of obstacles, obstacles to success, but mostly you will find that you are simply tapping into the skills and talents that you already have. You will learn, develop, grow, and evolve; you will learn what you need to know, even if you don’t really get going. When you make an appointment, sign up for a course, join a networking group, or take dance classes, make a statement of intent and emerge with a sense of purpose.

Stop hiding on the sidelines and let the world know that you are serious and stop hiding. Sometimes you know how magical, how miraculous things begin to move, but sometimes you don’t.

On the other hand, the grass is always greener, and when you fight for your dream outside, you begin to understand that it is worth fighting for. Looking at your dreams and longings offers relief and hope, but it is worth fighting for.

Imagine that the dress you bought last year is completely unrealistic, and you might find that what you want is actually more realistic than being 80 years old or doing more regular exercise. You can be healthy – physically, fit, healthy, with a healthy body, even if you have to imagine that.

Close your eyes and imagine you are looking back on your life and taking stock of every decision you have made. When you sit there, imagine you are living a full life, exploring your dreams, and exploring all the possibilities. To think now what one would have had and would have had if one had sat there and introduced oneself.

But I am ready, I am ready for the next step in my life, for my future and for all the possibilities that lie ahead of me and for the future that lies ahead.

We owe it to ourselves to fulfill our potential, to our families, to our friends and to the world around us, not just for ourselves but for all of us.

There are only two mistakes that can be made on the road to truth: do not fail and do not start. You have to be ready to get rid of everything you have planned to have the life that awaits you. The secret of progress is to prepare for what will not be your way. You just have to find 10,000 ways not to fail, not just to start, but to succeed.

The old skin must be thrown away so that new skin can develop, and the new skin on the other side of the old one.

Living in present moment

We all know the excitement that lies ahead, and we can’t wait for the next chapter in the story of our lives, our next adventure, or even a little bit of the future.

That day I started a new job, my baby was small and I was in the middle of my part time course and a part time job as a freelance trainer.

I have so many things to count and I have to breathe through the things that upset me so much, but I am still able to breathe through them.

Many of my colleagues, friends and clients tell me that they want to spend the week and live for the weekend. It is not only the big days and holidays that I long for, but I want the month, the week, the day, the minute to pass. I set up a countdown calendar wherever I can see it, on my desk, in the car or on the couch.

I count down the days and evenings and wait until next month when I have a pay rise to take on more responsibility in my new job.

This year, I deliberately set myself a challenge on Instagram to put my personal pictures for you, who is visiting me out there. I just have to get through with a smile on my face and a warm cup of coffee in my hand, not a cold one.

While relaxing on a fantastic balcony that I have , I made a promise to myself: I will be 100 per cent present at this incredible moment. So one day I caught myself in a moment where I can’t say I’ve been lazy. It’s not that amazing things happen all the time, but as long as I’m there I sit down to review the days I really want to spend with myself.

Do not rush to achieve a victory, do not delay your happiness and joy until the next great goal is reached. Focus on what is happening right in front of you, be fully present in the moment and celebrate where you are and what is happening around you.

I vividly remember when mobile phones were first on sale, and it seems almost comical today when smartphones are an extension of themselves.

If you experience something special and exciting somewhere, take a few moments to enjoy the atmosphere, the moment and the selfie before you check out and take a photo. Don’t get distracted by social media or phone calls, try to keep your smartphone in your pocket until you say goodbye to lunch or dinner. I love when the wifi signal is weak or non-existent, but don’t be afraid to talk to a friend, family member or even a colleague on the way home from work.

Take a moment to notice what you enjoy and what you need to remember about the moment you are in. If you are asked what comes next, ask yourself if you should celebrate, rather than in the here and now, and take the time to notice what comes next and remember.

The holidays are a classic example of this, so many people get sad on the last day or so and do not want to go home and plan their next trip. If you are quiet, you may miss some of the best moments of your life, such as family, friends.

The more you do this, the better your chances of success in life, especially in the long run, but also in your life as a whole.

The Instagram fad that made the rounds in 2014 is actually a beautiful one: you challenge yourself to capture something every day. You don’t have to use social media to do this, but it gives you the opportunity to see the joys of everyday life and mundane tasks. Scan and log what makes you happy, no matter how tiny, and then record it on your phone, tablet, or any other device you can.

That is why we are called the present, and we must make the most of it today, because where is the time that waits, dear? Enjoy yourself now:)

Is life perfect for anyone?

My life wasn’t perfect, and the whole world could see me, but I’m happy with my life, even if it’s not the perfect life I wanted.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m happy with the wobbles and dimples and the little things in my life that I didn’t know about.

Sometimes I spend Saturdays in my pajamas, watching TV and eating popcorn, and sometimes I’m with my dad and daughter.

I have skeletons in my closet, I have stories of death, betrayal, and heartbreak, and I don’t have days when I feel insecure and vulnerable anymore. I write this to you because you should be perfect, No- Noone is.

Over the past month, I’ve noticed how many of my customers and friends are struggling with the same problems.

I have been single for a certain age, but my life is not what it should be and I live with my parent until, they reach an acceptable age.

Life isn’t perfect as it should be, but I’m not as high up the leaderboard as I should have been, and I don’t have the salary I shouldn’t have. My life is not perfect because it is not the perfect life, nor is my life as good as that of my parents or my family. I’m not as skinny as we all should be or as tall as the average person in my age group.

For a picture of my perfect life, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social media platform you know.

I don’t have the kind of successful life that society requires of me. I compare myself to imaginary people who have become better at what they do than me and are somehow involved in the process of showing me what it is like to be successful.

I keep pushing myself, I keep working harder and harder, and I feel the need to reach certain milestones at a certain age and feel like I can do it. I’ve reached certain milestones at a certain age.

The way we see celebrities, lifestyles, and media is overwhelming enough, but with the rise of social media, everyone’s lives are suddenly being put to the test. You put things on Facebook to show that you live an amazing life and how you see yourself in the media.

You expect to earn and have a husband and a house, but you think that’s all you’re doing. If you are not perfect, if it does not suit everyone, then you have failed as a sister, mother or wife.

Not surprisingly, life crises are piling up in my neighborhood: Young people who do not attend university, with high degrees and limited prospects. Imagine you’re in debt at that age and your first job is nowhere near.

The strange thing, at least for me, is that many of the young, educated women I’m friends with on the grounds of faith feel the same way.

The answers vary according to people and circumstances, but we have one thing in common: when asked what a successful life would look like, they all say they have more time, family, and experience. Our lives were so different that we have had to redefine what “successful” and “perfect” life looks like.

I want to do a job that I love and that makes me feel like I can contribute to society and do something meaningful. I wanted a healthy lifestyle, I wanted to travel more, sleep more, and laugh more; I wanted to spend more time with the people I loved. We want more family, more friends, and more opportunities to laugh and love more.

We want to live rather than survive, and we want more opportunities for ourselves – expression, more freedom and freedom of expression, and expression of ourselves.

We need to understand that life is a journey and that every person’s journey and experience is different. We must change the invisible yardsticks by which we measure the successes and losses of life. The universal truth that unites us all is that when we take our last breath in this world, we must look forward to the moments with our loved ones that enrich our lives.

Different experiences make a difference in the world, know laughter and love, Experience that help you grow and share them with your fellow human beings.

Follow the path that is meant for you, listen to your heart and soul, cherish every moment with your loved ones, and seize every opportunity to grow and explore. Let go of the desire to do or achieve the things you should be doing, live with the knowledge of now.

No one has a perfect life, but we all have to behave in order to have it, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, or other factors.

You will live a better and easy life when you don’t strive to make it perfect, but live it to just live it now.

What you do for self care?

I juggle tasks, turn a lot of plates and try to please a lot of people in my life, so I find it hard to find the minutes.

Self-sufficiency is not easy, and indeed many women find it hard, but I am not alone in this way of life.

I am nowhere near as different from others, and I do not have strict standards by which to measure myself, and I am not measured by any strict standards. But I have some things that I used to do, some of which are still like that, although I am more aware of them.

It wasn’t so long ago that it dawned on me that all the things I faced, like trying to be the perfect person, were hard to sustain and took my life into my own hands. I was the driving force behind why I got burnt out at work, and at home, I’m still a bit burnout.

For some reason, I got stuck in this place, but I realized that something had to change, and I learned seven valuable lessons.

In fact, if you are a pleasant person, and you hold hands, self-help has changed everything for me.

None of the above is inherently bad, but overall it meant I never had boundaries. My best friend often said, “Do more in the morning than all week,” but that wasn’t in my vocabulary.

I let my friends, family members, colleagues, and even my own habits manipulate me – it causes me pain

It quickly became clear to me that I did not reject what I said to someone, but I could not bear it. So I started experimenting and experimenting until it became more natural and easier for me. I tried to please too many people and end up satisfying those I loved least at first, instead of being true to my own needs and pleasing myself.

What would you say about your social commitment and taking on additional work, and what do you think about the benefits of self-sufficiency?

I held my breath and waited until the world came to an end until I realized that it never did, and I quickly realized that I was not denying someone what I was telling someone, but was not able to cope with it. I loved myself at first and stayed true to my own needs, even if it meant holding back and taking a breath.

We talk a lot about the pursuit of perfection, but being perfect is one way to make sure you never hurt or let someone you love down. Being aware of yourself, the people you meet, and the world around you is the most important thing in life, not only for yourself.

Instead, I began to embrace rather than perfect the idea of growth, and I was not happy. In fact, these things were caused by my constant urge for perfection in everything I did. And they have not escaped me. Quantum perfection can control the world around you, but if you’re not happy with yourself, you can’t either.

In business, I took the “what I do is better than perfect” approach and found that things like emails were written faster, more honestly, and received better feedback. In terms of relationships, we were honest about what we needed in addition to each other, found that our relationships flourished and were happier with ourselves.

When it came to my body, I began to accept it for what it is, instead of comparing myself to unattainable standards. Slowly but surely progress has replaced perfection with progress, and I am therefore a better person.

If you don’t know enough about yourself, you’re not good enough, and you’re not yourself enough – you’re not what you want to be.

I will never be as good as X, and I will look like a pig in a blanket, but I will always be good enough for you, even if I look and feel like that because I am.

As a trainer, I got to know my inner voice. The critical FM was the only channel in my head, and I constantly set the volume to a high level. This made decision-making difficult and I found it difficult to stand up for myself and others.

I began to understand how to gently start turning down the volume, and slowly but surely I learned to tame the animal. I learned to speak with my inner voice, with which I had spoken for a long time, but not for the first time positively.

The voice was still absolutely there, but there was no show, and the voice was still absolutely there — it just wasn’t as loud as it had been.

When I began to accept that I was in a space that offered opportunities for discovery, growth, and learning, everything began to change.

Just because I had few episodes in life does not mean that I have a fatal flaw, but it does mean that I had a bad day and expressed something that I otherwise could not express.

I started to see these episodes as flagpoles that let me know that there was something that needed attention. It not only helped me recover, but it also helped me apply this thinking to many other areas of my life for the better.

I had a friend, a thought, who went into my mind room and lit it up, and it improved my life and made the experience I had even better.

Everyone has a past, but the future is in your hands, and then you have friends who do the opposite. Simply put, you begin to realize this and slowly and lovingly let go of yourself.

If, even after a long day, you don’t feel it’s worth spending the money on a cab or bus, go home. Punishment comes in many forms, and it can take the form of a visit to the doctor, a visit to the vet, or even a day off.

Go to the gym to force your body into submission and force it into a certain shape, and reinforce the message of being less. This cycle is therefore difficult to break but focuses on small acts of daily goodness. Do every day a little thing that is kind to yourself, like buying yourself a flower. I do it on my birthdays too.

When I realized this, I ate better, exercised healthier, improved my relationships, and knew much more clearly what I needed. I noticed a change in the way I talked to myself and in the treatment I expected from others. Self-care and self-love changed everything for me – my relationship improved, my health and well-being – and all this was the reason.

We can pay too much attention to what others think of us, and not enough to think for ourselves. Most, if not all, want to be liked, but we cannot think like that because we are too busy thinking about what others think of us.

For years, I held back from thinking and acting in the way I wanted to, and I wanted to set my own needs aside because I was afraid of appearing selfish, which I wasn’t. Those were mere thoughts and not a reality.

When I took the entrepreneurship it took months-long transformation of my situation. I began to accept that while I cared about what people thought of me, I did not let that stop me from doing what I needed to do and putting myself first when it mattered. Many of these beliefs worked, and I began to prioritize, but I also blossomed in my relationships to be more present and rested. And many friends have told me that I have inspired them to do the same, so I will do this on and on to improve my self-sufficiency, for the rest of my life. It is not a process that completes, its a way of life that grows with and goes with you.

Follow your dreams

I read a novel a few years ago, but I can’t remember the title or the name of the author, only that the protagonist runs away. I have been new to the active lifestyle for a few years, and I am a runner, so The idea that my protagonist is running away from me is still something I was only joking about. Even though I have been saying loudly and publicly for years that I am not a runner, nothing really happened for me.

I was in the gym And I walked on the treadmill, And then I stepped up my pace Like I started running. I looked around and felt a little crazy, but I just couldn’t shake that little question off me. I was lucky I didn’t break my knee.

From then on, walking became a passion, a love I learned to love, and above all, I did not die. That’s what makes a dream come true, not just a goal, but a life – a long passion for sport and the people around you.

I used to dream of walking Marathon and wondered if I could run the marathon or even run it myself. I let my mind play crazy and dreamed of spectators running through the streets of the city wondering who would walk in it and who could do it at all.

There are many things you can do to make this day a reality, but the process of making it and other dreams a reality is the same. It takes somewhere between a million and a trillion tiny actions to get you off your feet. Of course, each step can be divided into further steps, but in essence, it is all three. The thing is, most people get caught up in trying to figure out all three.

If you keep getting stuck, if you don’t move forward (which isn’t always easy) and think everything is on track, it takes time and commitment to achieve your dreams.

There are parts of yourself that no longer fit, and you forget that you have lost some of the anxiety that comes from a dislike of yourself.

These obstacles are temporary, they can be bypassed, and it becomes infinitely easier to do things if you make them conscious. If you are involved and engaged in your dreams, you will find the rest of yourself. Dreams are sometimes structured, sometimes they need the care to flow, but they always require full commitment. You will do everything to make them true if you love them as much as you love yourself. They are your dreams and your love, go after them, its worth for your life:)


Be your confident self

You are probably not talking regularly about your own monstrosity, and as a result you feel uncomfortable even though you want to shine brightly. Many of us have learned to stifle our confidence and make ourselves smaller and quieter. When we expose ourselves to the world, we feel comfortable in our own skin, but uncomfortable in our fellow human beings.

We lose sight of our talents, obscure our inner spark, stop shining brightly for fear of what others think of us, and thus deprive the world of its greatness. Maybe you land a great promotion and become the target of gossip, or maybe your story. You have obscured your inner sparks and lost sight of your talent and are thereby deprived of world to world greatness.

Even if you have dimmed your sparks, the truth is that your light wants to shine, and to be more confident, you must follow these three steps for it to do so. The first thing we need to do before we gain more confidence is to look inward.

I would like to remind you that beauty has nothing to do with anything external, and this tweet is not about shining bright, but about being cheerful and honouring the whole truth of who you are. Focusing on being “bright” only prevents your inner light from shining.

Turn inward, sit still and just concentrate on your breath so you can feel grounded and reconnect with your mind. Just a few minutes of simple sitting and concentrating on your breath, or even just one or two minutes a day, will help you feel “grounded” and “reconnect with the mind.” Remember, when you are trapped in the outer things, you need to remember yourself and turn inward, because when we feel more connected, we all feel ready to shine.

It sounds simple, but as soon as you commit to making it a habit to turn inward, I promise it will get easier and easier. I am referring to this when I say that one must constantly remember oneself, and that one must constantly remember it. Overcome your true habits and quirks, you can tell every episode of “Friends” that I can.

Failing to meet the world’s expectations requires courage, and there is nothing cooler or greater than authentic truth. Being honest and deciding that you are really nerdy is the first step to being honest with yourself and yourself.

Next time you have the opportunity, I encourage you to say what comes to mind, show your vulnerable side and just do what you want. Let people know who you are and let them feel the connection, but do you really want to stress yourself again and again?

By embracing your true personality, including all the quirks, silliness and elements of who you are, you become more confident. When you let your truth shine through, you feel more connected to yourself and others.

By standing up for your truth and giving yourself permission to be more self-conscious, you are giving others permission to do the same. It feels good to be “who you are” and to be around people who are inexcusable for who they are, and to allow yourself and the people around you to be yourself. Drop the pretence, become real, call it a house, drop all pretence and just be yourself.

The easiest way to be more confident is to just focus on what inspires you, no matter who you are.

You may love dancing in your living room, taking photos, writing a story, or dealing with animals in the garden. Allow yourself some time each week to immerse yourself in what you like and love, and take your time every week.

I have found that when I feel disconnected or have a bad day, cooking alone can recalibrate me and give me more confidence because cooking brings me joy.

If you’re not really sure what inspires you, pay attention to the things you do of your choice, even if you don’t like it. I call it effortless action, but my confidence shines when I’m having a good time, and it works for me.

If you want to feel comfortable, you need to have some free time, and if you are more confident, it will help you reconnect with your true nature and be yourself.

I’ll give you some tips on how to be more confident,  including some EFT techniques you can use if you really feel insecure.

So don’t be afraid to shine bright, be cheerful, honor the whole truth about who you are, and do the work you’re doing here. Open your diary and make a list of all the ways you rock and remember that every time you do that, you inspire others. The moment when you begin to celebrate and focus on your success is the moment when we begin to live for ourselves.

Take a list all day long and refer to it in If you doubt yourself, but don’t even be humble. If you notice something great on your day, add it to the list and repeat it until you are done.

Expand the list further and expand it, have fun, enjoy the process, and get your self-confidence. After all, you should always remember that the world only wants your authentic self, and that is a good thing.

Develop resilience

Here are some of the practices I share to strengthening your own resilience. I hope that this will serve as a starting point for you and for those of you who are interested in strengthening themselves,

We often talk about bounce – going back and being resilient, but what is resilience? Resilience is the ability to recover from difficult situations, adapt to change and deal with it.

The wind does not resist or break, the reed does not move against the wind, nor does it move with it, nor does the windbreak or resist it.

In this post, I want to focus on resilience and give you some spiritual and practical tips that you can use to be more resilient in all aspects of your life. These tools will keep you strong and nurture you as you continue your recovery and embark on new adventures. They turn you into a tool for another day and help you strengthen your resilience. You can appear at any time of the day or night to rely on a higher power, no matter what you are going through.

When one is ready to give up, one can accept an invisible Force, even if it is only for a short time or even for a few minutes.

If you do not know how to do something, the answer is to leave it to a higher power that goes beyond your own understanding. If you turn around and find out, you have taken the burden off yourself and you are better.

Healing requires the willingness to heal, and if one is willing to give up, one must accept an invisible force.

I am open to inspiring solutions and support and say prayers to accept leadership and build resistance, as well as to heal and heal again.

I am committed to the healing path and accept the spiritual task of greater growth, but my highest priority is alignment with love. I decide to keep in mind the importance of love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness and compassion for my surroundings as well as for myself and my family.

I know I do have said this many times, but it is worth repeating it because we can forget to pay attention. I am not afraid of the future, nor do I regret the past, and I trust that the present moment will give me strength. Once you have given up, you pay attention not only to what God has shown you in the way He shows you God, but also to the things around you.

You may unexpectedly hear a song that is meaningful to you, or read a passage in a book that seems to speak directly to you. They may hear an intuitive voice, feel an inner knowledge and even see a spark of light or feel an intoxication of love. During meditation, seemingly out of the blue, ideas can arise that you did not even know you were looking for.

Take a pocket notebook or use the Notes app on your phone and encourage yourself to write down all the clues you get. When you ask for guidance, you get guidance from your inner self, your body, or even from other people in the world around you.

I committed myself to changing my self-perception – from a victim to a brave warrior. I changed the story to “It’s getting worse, but it’s getting better every day. I am able to recognize the problem and choose love instead of fear, trust, fearlessness or fear of the unknown.

The universe has my back, and that back is not to suppress or ignore my feelings, but to honor them through meditation.

To be truly resilient, we need to be able to feel our feelings, and meditation is the surest way to honor them and get past them. I recommend meditating at least once a day, it is a great way for me to move through my feelings and feel more balanced.

One meditation I have been practicing lately is controlled breathing, which balances our nervous energy. This beautiful practice is about calming anxiety and balancing the nervous system. Consistent, dedicated practice purifies our energy and helps us to be more resilient.

Sitting in front of the sun for at least 30 minutes every day or 10-15 minutes in a quiet, peaceful environment.

Touch the tip of the thumb with the right hand and the left hand in a circle around the heart. Move your arms so that your palm is in the middle of your heart and is touched with the tips of each thumb.

Start by inhaling deeply through your nose, and as a meditation, inhale deeply into each of your noses and inhale deeply from both.

Hold your breath for 15 seconds and breathe deeply through each nose and deep into your mouth as a meditation. Hold your breaths for 10 seconds each, with each breathtaking a deep breath for 5 seconds and continuing for another 15 seconds.

If 15 seconds is too much for you, hold your breath for 8 seconds and work your way up, starting with 5 seconds each and then 10 seconds. Repeat this breathing cycle for 3-5 minutes, coherence is key to building resistance.

What happens when we talk about problems all the time is that we make them more dynamic, but we do not talk to ourselves about their solutions. Go through the Google rabbit hole and learn more about what we’re talking about and what you’re obsessed about.

By thinking about problems around the clock and talking to ourselves about them, we reduce our energetic vibration. As a result, one becomes more vulnerable, less resilient, and less able to re-create and re-create.

As we begin to focus on a solution, our dynamics shift and we begin to increase our vibrations bit by bit. We begin to attract the solution to ourselves, and our vibrations begin to rise bit by bit until we are at the top of the vibrational chain.

The solution could come in the form of a doctor or therapist, or it could be a creative idea or a new perspective.

The bottom line is that we need a lot of help, not only those that are not broadcast every day, but also those that are heard.

We need to give new stories momentum and move on, not only in the short term, but also in the long term, and not just for our own sake.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as tapping, is one of my favorite practices and can deliver fast results. If you want to be more resilient, try it yourself and do it as often as you can, even if it’s only for a few minutes a day.

Please note that EFT can bring unexpected emotions to the surface, so exercise caution and remember to take full responsibility for your well-being. If you can’t find immediate relief, keep typing and giving more instructions on EFT or contact me for more information.

Another thing I would like to say is that it is important to be able to rely on yourself when you are going through something really challenging. There is no need to care so much about anyone in your life that you become really nervous or scared when you are not doing well.

Your connection is so strong and you want to support it, but your own fears are so overwhelming that they end up unsettling you even more. Maybe it’s because you’ve been through it all yourself, or maybe it’s just because you’re afraid of yourself.

Remember, as much as you love yourself, you are very impressive when you try to heal yourself. Be gentle and firm with your limits, but remember, it will not help you, and you will never be able to be very “impressive” in healing.

Have compassion for people who are not in the best position to help you, but instead rely on someone else, be it a friend, sibling, or therapist. Stick to this mantra as your mantra for how to be more resilient, not only in your own life, but also in your environment.

According to the Princeton researchers, exercise builds physical strength and endurance and makes the brain more resilient to stress. Let’s not forget to move in a way that feels good to us, and let the movement of your body feel good.

This is just one example of how exercise reduces stress and helps us relax, but it goes beyond that because nature strengthens us, grounds us, and purifies our heads.