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Be your confident self

You are probably not talking regularly about your own monstrosity, and as a result you feel uncomfortable even though you want to shine brightly. Many of us have learned to stifle our confidence and make ourselves smaller and quieter. When we expose ourselves to the world, we feel comfortable in our own skin, but uncomfortable in our fellow human beings.

We lose sight of our talents, obscure our inner spark, stop shining brightly for fear of what others think of us, and thus deprive the world of its greatness. Maybe you land a great promotion and become the target of gossip, or maybe your story. You have obscured your inner sparks and lost sight of your talent and are thereby deprived of world to world greatness.

Even if you have dimmed your sparks, the truth is that your light wants to shine, and to be more confident, you must follow these three steps for it to do so. The first thing we need to do before we gain more confidence is to look inward.

I would like to remind you that beauty has nothing to do with anything external, and this tweet is not about shining bright, but about being cheerful and honouring the whole truth of who you are. Focusing on being “bright” only prevents your inner light from shining.

Turn inward, sit still and just concentrate on your breath so you can feel grounded and reconnect with your mind. Just a few minutes of simple sitting and concentrating on your breath, or even just one or two minutes a day, will help you feel “grounded” and “reconnect with the mind.” Remember, when you are trapped in the outer things, you need to remember yourself and turn inward, because when we feel more connected, we all feel ready to shine.

It sounds simple, but as soon as you commit to making it a habit to turn inward, I promise it will get easier and easier. I am referring to this when I say that one must constantly remember oneself, and that one must constantly remember it. Overcome your true habits and quirks, you can tell every episode of “Friends” that I can.

Failing to meet the world’s expectations requires courage, and there is nothing cooler or greater than authentic truth. Being honest and deciding that you are really nerdy is the first step to being honest with yourself and yourself.

Next time you have the opportunity, I encourage you to say what comes to mind, show your vulnerable side and just do what you want. Let people know who you are and let them feel the connection, but do you really want to stress yourself again and again?

By embracing your true personality, including all the quirks, silliness and elements of who you are, you become more confident. When you let your truth shine through, you feel more connected to yourself and others.

By standing up for your truth and giving yourself permission to be more self-conscious, you are giving others permission to do the same. It feels good to be “who you are” and to be around people who are inexcusable for who they are, and to allow yourself and the people around you to be yourself. Drop the pretence, become real, call it a house, drop all pretence and just be yourself.

The easiest way to be more confident is to just focus on what inspires you, no matter who you are.

You may love dancing in your living room, taking photos, writing a story, or dealing with animals in the garden. Allow yourself some time each week to immerse yourself in what you like and love, and take your time every week.

I have found that when I feel disconnected or have a bad day, cooking alone can recalibrate me and give me more confidence because cooking brings me joy.

If you’re not really sure what inspires you, pay attention to the things you do of your choice, even if you don’t like it. I call it effortless action, but my confidence shines when I’m having a good time, and it works for me.

If you want to feel comfortable, you need to have some free time, and if you are more confident, it will help you reconnect with your true nature and be yourself.

I’ll give you some tips on how to be more confident,  including some EFT techniques you can use if you really feel insecure.

So don’t be afraid to shine bright, be cheerful, honor the whole truth about who you are, and do the work you’re doing here. Open your diary and make a list of all the ways you rock and remember that every time you do that, you inspire others. The moment when you begin to celebrate and focus on your success is the moment when we begin to live for ourselves.

Take a list all day long and refer to it in If you doubt yourself, but don’t even be humble. If you notice something great on your day, add it to the list and repeat it until you are done.

Expand the list further and expand it, have fun, enjoy the process, and get your self-confidence. After all, you should always remember that the world only wants your authentic self, and that is a good thing.

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