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Are you ready? Yes you are!

I’m not quite there yet, but I’m a bit closer than at the start of the year and a lot closer to the end of the year.

I’m the bare truth here, so let’s sort it out a little bit and I’ll be honest with you because it’s just the truth.

At school, you were undoubtedly a performer, but when you were sidelined, there was no time to hurry. I bet your books were covered with green ticks, stickers, and stars, and I bet those sticker stars were replaced by many red, blue, yellow, green, red, and blue stickers when they were growing up.

You have learned to measure your success outwardly by the letters in your name on exam papers and courses, but not by your appearance on stage.

You know that you have goals that have been on the table for a while, but you are not sure whether you are ready or not. It’s almost addictive, and you don’t know until you’ve had it for a while.

I look at it with caution because it means so much to me, but I’m also so grateful that I looked out for myself with a bit of caution because it meant so much.

People laugh at you when you start and you look stupid, but you don’t want to be in the wrong. I didn’t want to do myself any harm by acting too hastily, and fortunately, I stopped when I started, even though I’m a bit older than you.

You don’t have to wait until you’re perfect, even if it’s just a bit longer than a few weeks or a few months or even a year.

The sparrow has laid eggs, the scales indicate the right weight, and you are ready for the next step on your path to perfection.

The pursuit of perfection is a form of delay, and there will never be a perfect time or situation. The stars rarely align in the perfect pattern, but the universe gives you signs that everything is in order.

If you are sitting in your living room, office or car, hoping that something will fall into your lap, perhaps you should reconsider. Things do not simply happen; they are made to happen, and the law of attraction works wonders for you. You don’t start learning and making progress until you’re in action, so pretend to feel ready.

You have to have behaved sufficiently to start with and learn from the beginning, but not so much that you will learn everything.

Maybe you need a bit more time, a bit more training and maybe a few hours more practice, but not much more than that.

If you have behaved yourself enough, to begin with, then you are ready for the real thing, even if it is just a bit more than you thought.

If you sit carefully on the edge of the field, imagine all sorts of obstacles, obstacles to success, but mostly you will find that you are simply tapping into the skills and talents that you already have. You will learn, develop, grow, and evolve; you will learn what you need to know, even if you don’t really get going. When you make an appointment, sign up for a course, join a networking group, or take dance classes, make a statement of intent and emerge with a sense of purpose.

Stop hiding on the sidelines and let the world know that you are serious and stop hiding. Sometimes you know how magical, how miraculous things begin to move, but sometimes you don’t.

On the other hand, the grass is always greener, and when you fight for your dream outside, you begin to understand that it is worth fighting for. Looking at your dreams and longings offers relief and hope, but it is worth fighting for.

Imagine that the dress you bought last year is completely unrealistic, and you might find that what you want is actually more realistic than being 80 years old or doing more regular exercise. You can be healthy – physically, fit, healthy, with a healthy body, even if you have to imagine that.

Close your eyes and imagine you are looking back on your life and taking stock of every decision you have made. When you sit there, imagine you are living a full life, exploring your dreams, and exploring all the possibilities. To think now what one would have had and would have had if one had sat there and introduced oneself.

But I am ready, I am ready for the next step in my life, for my future and for all the possibilities that lie ahead of me and for the future that lies ahead.

We owe it to ourselves to fulfill our potential, to our families, to our friends and to the world around us, not just for ourselves but for all of us.

There are only two mistakes that can be made on the road to truth: do not fail and do not start. You have to be ready to get rid of everything you have planned to have the life that awaits you. The secret of progress is to prepare for what will not be your way. You just have to find 10,000 ways not to fail, not just to start, but to succeed.

The old skin must be thrown away so that new skin can develop, and the new skin on the other side of the old one.

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