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Are you creative enough to create possibilities?

The truth is that we have infinite creative possibilities at our disposal, but we easily forget them. The abundance of this is available to us in the form of the infinite possibilities of art, music, art, design, and creativity.

I spent many years seeing creative possibilities pretty badly and spent a lot of time pushing and controlling what I thought my mini-meltdown would take me to the next level in life. I can easily escape this belief system, but I have often been obsessed with the problem and how to solve it.

Finally, I hit the ground, turned inside out, prayed for help, and turned inside. This moment of surrender led to an awakening And I realized that I could move forward without constantly looking at the problem.

This very simple adjustment of attitude changed everything in my life, and it was only when I began to see the problem as a possibility that everything began to shift. I stopped being obsessed with it and stopped looking for solutions and blocked the fixation with my super attractor power.

If I just say out loud that I am looking for a solution, it will make me feel good, but in no way am I the solution or will there be any solution.

When I literally say this out loud, again and again, I feel more aligned, connected, and empowered. The repetition of this mantra shifts my energy, distracts my focus, calms my nervous system, makes me more receptive, and really begins to pay attention to the solutions available to me when I stop solving the problem.

This is a problem I often talk about: I am obsessed with writing in the middle of the night, and I am always on the edge of writing.

What does it feel like to think about a problem and devote all your energy to solving it? By cultivating your consciousness, you open up the possibility of finding the solution instead.

By redirecting your focus in this simple way, you recognize and accept the creative possibilities that are always available to you. What follows is a step-by-step guide to getting rid of being obsessed with a problem and finding the solution.

When other people lie down or judge you when you gossip, you reduce your energetic vibration. Be very aware of what you are saying because sometimes we think we are helpful and nurturing, but in reality, our comments hurt our energy. You can only be kind and love others by creating clear boundaries that protect your well-being and the words you choose that directly affect our energetic vibrations.

I have received countless messages from women thanking me and sharing their own stories. I’m so grateful to reach out to others, and I know my openness has helped other women, so I’m grateful for that.

I have also noticed that I feel very depressed when I hear stories of struggle, pain, doubt, and suffering. Over the years, as a coach, I have absorbed people’s stories and had deep compassion for them.

When I take on this fear, I feel that I am beginning to project other people’s stories onto myself, and sometimes it hits me very close to home. Sometimes it starts to fade, but if it doesn’t, it can make me project myself onto them.

After committing myself to feel good for a few months, I noticed that I no longer received any negative messages or comments at all. I did everything I could to protect my well-being – to be dynamic and feel, and I did not even get out of my sphere.

Today I can recalibrate my energy, profess love and joy, and send a message to the universe. My belief in infinite creative possibilities has enabled me to build what i wanted to build.

I am no longer attracted to negative fertility stories, but I have also become positive stories. Every woman I meet at this point has come to me with a miraculous fertility story, and for that I am grateful.

When I started to focus on creative possibilities in my own life, I did not notice other people’s resistance. My energy started to vibrate, supported by a good feeling for myself and focused on my creative possibilities. It was amazing to see how this strengthened my super-attraction and its infinite possibilities.

When I shone brightly, I was confused that others were not ready for the light, but I used this moment to devote myself even more to what felt good to me. I did not blame the resistance, but only reflected the remaining resistance of my own.

Look for positive stories and opportunities to feel comfortable, find ways to distract and have fun, improve your meditation practice, tell the truth with love and more.

Keep the conversation going, don’t follow anyone on social media, leave the room if necessary, and remember that you can’t control what people say or do to you, but can choose how you perceive what’s happening and experience everything around you.

It is good to feel good, to honor your feelings and to open up new possibilities in life. Focus on the feelings you have about the difficulties you have experienced in your life and honor them. It’s called compassion, so honor what feels good to you and focus on it no matter what.

Be very kind, compassionate and loving to yourself, because opening yourself up to creative possibilities is a radical change. You have to start from a place of self – compassion – and ask your higher self to step in and replace what you have probably been clinging to for decades. Take the leap, step into your supreme self and begin to replace what has probably been held for decades with new possibilities, new feelings and new ideas.

Worrying is a great way to resist creative possibilities, but the most important manifestation of appreciation is the antidote to anxiety.

When you are in a state of appreciation, there is no room for worry or resistance, and what gets you out of the mess is appreciation. In fact, concern and appreciation simply cannot co-exist, but what got you into this mess was your appreciation of yourself.

Whenever you notice that you are worried about something that is out of your control, state your values. Your appreciation may have to do with everything you are worried about, or it may be completely independent of it, but in any case it is important.

What matters is that you shift your focus from an addiction pattern of worry to a habit of appreciation. Every time you focus on appreciation, you will feel better, and you will start to become more attuned to your super powers. Instead of being obsessed with the problem and worrying about the results, dwell on the receptive, higher vibratory energy of your appreciation and open up creative possibilities.

Return to appreciation over and over again and take steps one day when you need them, then again the next day and so on until you get back there.

Spend a ton of time focusing on what you experience, not on how you experienced it, and not on how we experience it (or ourselves).

As a result, we forget that by changing our focus, we can change our experience of anything and change ourselves. When we choose the lens of appreciation, we immediately begin to frame what might have been very unpleasant and turn it into a miracle. We can experience any situation, even the most difficult, by looking at it through a lens of appreciation, rather than remaining the victim of experience. By choosing the lens of appreciation, you can begin the process of finding meaning in your experiences, not just in the negative aspects of those experiences.

You can choose to see your heartache as an opportunity to feel deep, to appreciate your diagnosis as a catalyst to set you on the path to healing, or to simply allow your appreciation to clear your path. By looking at life through the lens of appreciation, we can forgive the past and accept it for what it is, and view it as the greatest learning tool on our spiritual paths. This practice helps us shift our attention from what is supposed to be to what we are and what we were.


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