I'M ANUPPMA ! Transforming Corporate Leaders into Entreprenuers who gain control of their work, time & income

My Collaboration

I work in collaboration with THE BEST YOU. The world’s largest platform in Personal Development.

The Best You is in the business of helping people achieve their dreams. THE BEST YOU provide, knowledge, wisdom, and experts to enhance and improve their lives. Ultimately THE BSET YOU help people discover their true purpose.

Founder & CEO Bernardo Moya says: “We have a responsibility as transformational leaders to inspire change and make the world a better place…”

I am happy to share my new position as “The Director of THE BEST YOU LEGACY CLUB -Delhi Chapter”.


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It doesn't matter what you are struggling with. The first step is to book a free call and discuss. I assist you with resources and guidanace accumulated over years. You want to make action plans to back up your dreams and start to live happyeasy, inspired and supported life?

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This is fantastic free audio training. You can learn simple strategy that'll help you understand how your subconscious mind works and how you can program it as per your desire.


Do you want to live a fulfilling life with a purpose without getting exhausted? Do you want to tap personal power & be Happyeasy? Do you want to program your subconscious mind? To bring a change in your life, let's work on it together.

Specialism Strategist & Business Breakthrough Coach Psychologists, International speaker. Helping corporate leaders gain control over their work, time & income

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Happyeasy Subscription

Easy Solve

    • 1 Personal consultation of 45 minutes
    • Only for existing clients, Email support only

Be Happy

    • 1 Post program session, only for existing clients
    • Personal scheduled session of 60 minutes
    • Post session notes on email


    • 1 Personal scheduled session of 90 minutes
    • Message support on email
    • Session notes and next steps advice after session, on email
    • Free Review of all project assignment within 3 days

Be Empowered

Watch inspiring videos full of wisdom and practical strategies to create the life of your dreams. I share video's of great speakers with whom I am inspired. I share my thoughts with you and by simply watching these videos you will start feeling inspired. I recommend watch before you sleep and rise fully inspired next morning. Its a joy to share resource that's got collected over years of personal efforts. Enjoy!

Happy Clients

What my clients say about me - She is super skilled, 90% right in observing your behavior patterns, self sabotaging beliefs and practices.

My space & this platform is dedicated to provide skills, tools & experts to add value in your life.


“ The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” — Dalai Lama.

When you work with me, you invest in yourself and you are supporting children who need you. You are making a meaningful change in their lives. Come and join us!