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I am Happy that you reached this far, want to know me & my story.
People often say there is no fairytale, It’s all made up stories! I believe in fairytales, I am enjoying being a part of my own.

Curiosity, Right? Well! I am a self made entreprenuer & a resilient woman but I started Just like you I was curious, playful, cute, naughty kid, a cute kid you like to play with, loving & compasionate one. I was influenced by a spiritual father, protective brothers and a mother who never gave up. I grew up being real myself, who refused to fit into “ONE BOX” I noticed the behaviour of people and animals at an earlier age, always asking questions to my inner self and became more curious about the subject over the years.

"Don’t grow up, its a trap? isn’t it? We heard this"…!

Well, I always deny this, Accept your natural way and start living as you like. I kept upgrading myself with every piece written on psychology and became a professional psychologist.

“You never know what is coming at you”, “You stay there, you persist and you win”

My life has always been a roller coaster ride, It started well, I was reaching a height and had some downfalls next. I got a life-threatening muscular ailment, which almost sank my heart. The doctor said it was a rare illness, “One in one million may be!”. I had to come out of that, That word got me hard. “Yes, I want to be one in a million, not in getting a disease, I fought with disease, 3 relapse and yet here I am with you, sharing my story.

"When going gets tough ", "The tough gets going" !

When I was blessed with my daughter, life started to sail smooth and soon life strikes again, one more challenge was thrown my way. A dignosis of broken backbone, with possible risks of impairment for life. I dodged surgery and all the fancy medical terms and healed myself with intent, mind power & meditative breathing. Now I lead a normal life, work, drive, walk, run, swim, play and what not?

“When you win your battle, You are a warrior” “When you help others to win, You are a librator”

At 9-5, Spans for 22+ years, 9 organizations, delivering 24000 training manhours, 2300 coaching hours, numerous psychometric assessments, MBTI based workshops, Leadership programs, NLP for children with teen and study issues, psychometric assessment for career selection. Empowering people 9-6, solving kid's teen issues with NLP and career selection with assessments was satisfying. Life was good, but normal was boring. Courtesy my organizing addiction, I built my first website on “organizing” in 2012. Being independent and beating challenges was in my blood. To fulfill my dream of being entrepreneur I left my 9-5. I founded a Coaching solutions company 2 years back, and it’s continiously expanding and growing

“Life is not a race, It’s a race track”, “It is you that run around”

Besides a Coach, I am a mother to one human baby and a family of cats. They take my attention when I am not Coaching. I am associated with two NGOs in my city who supports children from slums & children of leprosy patients below the poverty line My recent creative satisfaction is making perfumes. So far made 100+ samples. Embarked on my journey to peace with minimalism. I believe in rising from Ashes, dusting off, shining brighter and “Live Life Queen Size”. Reaching this far was tough, learning and evolving I choose.

“Let’s not wait for a glorious path, Let’s make our path glorious”

Allow your passion to become your purpose

Happyeasy will support you to create a purposeful, elevated and rewarding life.

Like your Challenges They Raise you. Love your challenges, They propel you, Live your challanges, They change you Anuppma


I envisage conecting with likeminded people, who roll up sleeves to get in action. So here I am associated in year 2020 with International Brand THE BEST YOU. They host events for TONY ROBBINS, Dr. RICHARD BANDLER, PAUL McKENNA and hosts expos world over. So here I am looking forward to The Managing Director Role for India/ Delhi NCR Chapter, of The Best You Legacy Club. Another journey to CREATE EXTRAORDINARY LEGACY! Introduce a coach in your life and see the magic happening! Start a new journey!

Join us

A small town girl with passion, compassion, independent spirit and dreams, I am proud to become an entrepreneur and create this compassionate space that touches thousands lives. Through this platform I promote fellow coaches. With my signature coaching, I empower you to back up your dreams with actions and results. I help you to become your best self, create a meaningful life and leave an extraordinary legacy!

The idea of every coach on this platform is to help People to live life HAPPYEASY. We have unwavering belief in possibilties that can be generated with passion, committment & compassion. Everything can be worked out to a simple doable solution, so we do it with you.

Our goal is simple-to help people through coaching. We coach because we love doing it. Our driving force is Compassion. We are making a community which believes in being HAPPYEASY! Our purpose is human to human connection which is bigger then material gains.